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Triumph TR3 - TR3 Radio Installation

Good evening

I am very keen to mount a period radio and speaker in my TR3 and am searching for anyone with suitable mountings available and/or any related information.

This is a long shot, but I found details of a couple of chaps in the US on old internet threads as involved in the manufacturer/sale of high quality reproduction mounts for a radio and speaker in a TR3.

One of the chaps listed is Fred Thomas, somewhere in VA and the other is British Motor Cars Ltd, Madisonville, KY. The trail runs cold with a non-current email address in one case and no trace of an email in the other.

Therefore, does anyone please have any email contact details for either party, or better, any relevant parts, speaker/mounts, available for sale?



AM Sutch

Adam-Fred Thomas died in Mar. 2011. This site is almost as dead. You might the TR Register forum in the UK. I remember having a factory or dealer installed radio on my TR3. The radio and speaker was mounted on the trans. tunnel. Good luck.
BTP Price

Adam-Here is a site with info on making the radio mounting:
BTP Price

Further update-British wiring ( a repro of the mount and radio installation manual for $45. Part #TR3RB.
BTP Price

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