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Triumph TR3 - TR3A steering rack conversion

Does anybody have experience with the conversion of the odd steering system of the TR 3 series to rack and pinion? I understand there are some good conversion kits on the market. I have two questions. 1. Does it work and 2. can I keep my original fan?
W Mijs

First question, yes it works great. Second question, no the fan will need to be removed. Now for a little info. Over the winter I did a complete suspension rebuild of my 58 TR3A as well as the rack and pinion system. The worm in the steering box had worn to the point of having about 2" of travel. So I decided to investigate alternatives. I did as you, I asked questions on many different British car forums.

The different is really almost too hard to believe, turn a complete circle with one finger. As you can tell I am very happy with the new rack system.

There is some good info from Neil Revington from Revington TR in Somerset England. The unit he offers you weld in place, he gives some interesting reasons on why the Rack and Pinion system is better. The web address for Revington TR is

I got mine from Ted Smith of British Auto Restorations in Roanoke, VA. There is no web site for them, his phone number is 540 989-5121 the rack he offers is bolt in and I believe about $850.

There is one other place that has Rack and Pinion for TR3's and it is Protek Engineering Unit 13 Bushells Business Estate, Hithercroft Road, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10. Tel: 01491-832372

I have a lot of web site info maybe 30 to 35 that deal with Sidescreen TR's one of the better one's I would say is Barry Shefner TR2 TR3 TR4 Web Page A lot of great info on restoring your TR.

Good Luck and keep in touch and let me know how it's going.

Russ Austin
Comm# TS41804L

Russ Austin

This thread was discussed between 08/05/2002 and 18/05/2002

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