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Triumph TR3 - Triumph TR3 Temperature Gauge

I am presently "dressing" my restored 1959 TR3A. Everything had gone well until I tried to route the capillary tube to the temperture gauge. I do not know where the 2-3 feet of extra capillary tube under the scuttle goes. I have two clips that were on the tube before and there are two places where tape has been applied to the tube but I cannot find the holes in the battery box or ? where the clips should be screwed down. The capillary tube is also bent at almost a right angle in two place. Could it be that when I welded closed all holes in the battery box I filled in the holes where these clips should go?

At Figure 6 on page 4 of the "Instruction Manual" under Section C (Cooling System) you will find a diagram. Basically, the tube is formed into a small loop perhaps 1 inch from the rear of the guage and then to the right (passenger side) it is run around the rear of the heater, back to the left (behind the battery box). A right angle is formed, with care to not kink the tube, and it is the directed thru the firewall. The correct hole is shown in an excellent diagram of the use of all of the firewall holes at TeriAnn's TriumphTR2-B website. The tube is run a few more inches in the engine compartment and then fomed into about 3 "running circles"toward the engine . The tube is then run along and attached to the fuel line from the fuel pump.
That "run" used the entire tube and worked very well. I got a new guaage and tube with the various boxes of parts from which I assembled my TR3B so I am not sure what the 2 right angles may be .
The manual had been available on the internet where I downloaded it. If I am able to find the website I will let you know.
I hope this helps.
GG Krafft

That was super help. Thanks much Gary. I was hunting on Teri's pages and on this BBS and elsewhere to no avail when it was right under my nose in the Maintenance Instruction Manual!
Thanks again.

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