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Triumph TR3 - True dual exhuast

Has anyone tried to fit full dual exhaust to their TR3. Falcon headers back to twin glasspacks and dual outlets. Seems to me that the usual single pipe runs through the hole in the frame. How would you run twin pipes?
Steve Crosby

I am running dual exhausts on my 1961 TR3 with the 2inch pipes running through the frame. It took a couple of attempts to get the bends right to ensure that there was enough clearance to keep the pipes of the frame. I did it when I had the body off during restoration which made it a fairly easy to get the correct bends a clearance.
I am in Calgary if you want to have a look.
James Herbert

Thanks for the reply Jim.
We have met on and off at various events over the years.

My plan is to go from the headers to a collector (2-1) just ahead of the cross section, through the hole in a single pipe, then into a (1-2) splitter with some sort of small mufflers out to the rear.

Itís interesting to know that 2in pipe will fit. What did you use for mufflers?

Steve Crosby

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