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Triumph TR3 - Valdez Part II

Despite my best efforts last winter, my TR3A is still marking its territory when parked. At least I can judge the oil on a daily basis.

THIS time, I'm determined to get the flange of the oil sump perfectly flat (rather than pretty much flat). But while I'm down there, can anyone suggest what can or should be done regarding the front or rear sealing blocks? What's to be done with the small cork seal that comes with the oil sump gasket? Can it be installed by just dropping the sump? Bottomline: what is the maximum I can do by dropping the sump short of removing the crank and the main seals? I believe I've taken care of the breather pipe and fuel pump attachment points. No leaks detected there.

Am I playing this game correctly, or should I be thinking about pulling the engine and reworking the seals?

From the bridge of the Valdez, merci!

Bill Stagg
1961 TR3A
Bill Stagg

This thread was discussed on 24/11/2003

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