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Triumph TR3 - Wet driver side floor

It seems I've found out why the floor on my TR3 keeps getting soaked when it gets caught out in the rain. Water is collecting in the master cylinder box and then going through the two opinings for the brake & clutch petals, down the petal shaft cover and then down the inside of the firewall. Has anybody else had this problem and come up with a solution or should I just wear rubber boots and maybe grow mushrooms in the carpet during winter.
Tom Ford

Are you sure this is the problem? The battery box seems to be more likely. It has a drain hole with a hose that's supposed to drain through the trans. cover. Sorry if I'm wrong, but you might cheack it out.

Got same problem - since it is never in the rain, it occurs when I wash the car and only on the drivers side.
Vincent Mikiel

One other possibly on the source of the water on the driver's side of the TR 3A. There is a little ledge in back of the wheel well created by the top of the foot well and the seam of the inner fender (where it welds onto the cowl). If the splash guard has deteriorated, salt, sand, & water can pile up back there leading to rust through into the driver's footwell. It is invisible from the engine compartment. You need to remove the left fender if there is a problem here & do a bit of cutting & welding. Good luck.
Dick Eslinger

This thread was discussed between 09/05/2000 and 12/07/2000

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