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Triumph TR3 - Wheel Cylinder

The right rear wheel cylinder on my TR3B must be replaced. From anyone out there who has done that, what is the easiest way to remove the clips that hold it in place. The manual suggests prising the retaining clip and spring clip free by use of a screwdriver. I have had no luck with a screwdriver. Is there a tool or obvious method to remove it? This is the last problem to overcome before I can finally get it on the road. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Gary Krafft
GGK Krafft

Hi Garry

Sorry don't know that exact setup? But I think its the same on most TRs.

Soak the clip area with a penetrating fluid. Bang it around a bit while doing. Softens the rust.

A very large screwdriver in very strong hands may have popped it off when new?

Take a good look before you do. There are I think 3 parts so get an idea what goes were first.

If its the same as most there is a 90 angle on the install remove end of the clip.

After soak try to find something other than a chisele that will connect with most of the clip you want the force inside closest to wheel and bang it off with a hammer.

Bill Brayford

Thanks for your help. It worked! Now I'm waiting for the new one to arrive and hoping it goes on easier than the old one came off. Thanks again.
Gary Krafft

Well, at least it'll be clean..

The hammer is your friend. Tap tap, not bang bang.

I hope it's the last thing you have to do. Drive carefully the first few miles. Congrats on your labors!

Hi Gary

Glad to hear. Clean up and check your clip before replace. If its real pitted get a new one. They tend to get brittle if a bit rust pitted.

Hey Tom

Don't think your from the rust belt..:)

suspension/brake work around here is usually a combination of a hot wrench and large hammer due to rust. If the part is salvagable a sharp bang applied right will almost always cause less damage. Shocking a part to start movement is best. Bang! Tapping in this case will only damage. Clip is usually spring steel so torch is not an option penetrating fluid is next best.

Steel tends to return to its original shape if quickly disturbed and not hampered for too long. Just like the throttle pedal bushings TR6 if you set up and bang them in with a good impact wrench it works. Bushing pops in metal pops back. Have read many alternatives and respectfully disagree with all. Any part that is designed to be forced into or onto another part whether a C-clip or a bushing will always fair better with a fast sharply applied force.

Not an engineer just an old hotrodder. Using the if it worked great the last 20 times your doing it right method.

My opinion

Bill Brayford

Sorry Bill.

Bang it, Gary!

I have a TR3 1959 Triumph That my father -in-law has left us It does need to be restored. It's in great condition and we have alot of brand new parts for it, it was painted not long ago the body is in great condition we don't have the time to put it together would you know anyone that would be interested in it Thanks Angie

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