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Triumph TR3 - Wiring routing OD

Hi Guys:
Does anybody out there know the correct routing for the OD wiring to the interior through the trans cover .Is it through the hole in the top front and centre of the cover or is that for the battery box drain tube.

Chuck, I think you're correct about the hole at the front of the tunnel being for the drain tube. My tranny tunnel has a hole on the left side directly adjacent to the overdive solenoid that I believe is there for the wiring to pass through. I'm not sure how to route the wires from the tunnel to the switch itself through the interior. Probably under the carpet to the fire wall, across above the drivers legs and then to the switch. Good luck, Marty
marty scott

Chuck, I'm going to check mine tonight since the car is still on stands. It may or may not be the original routing, but I'll let you know what I find.
I beleive the center front hole is for the battery drain tube as well.
Mike '56 TR3
Mike Gambordella

Chuck: My PO (or a PO prior to him) routed the wires through the front center hole alongside the battery drain tube, then up to the switch. Proper or not, I don't know. Perhaps Bill Piggot's book TR2,3 book will cover this. I have it, so I'll check.
Mike Gambordella

Hi Mike:The area at top, front and centre sounds like the best place for that wiring.I think I will drill a hole just aft of the battery drain hole,put in a grommet to avoid chaffing of the wire and route through there.Thanks for the input.

Sorry for the late reply but I was in England and France for a month.

The wires from the switch go to a relay mounted on two threaded studs facing rearward at the lower left hand corner of the battery box when you look under the dash. The wires from the relay go down between the gas pedal and the brake pedal behind the far end rubber mat and under the felt matting under the rubber floor mat and up about 3 inches to a hole about 1 inch diameter with a large rubber grommet - then to the solenoid. This hole is about half way back from the front end of the tunnel cover to the solenoid position. This way it cannot be seen and no points will be deducted by any judges.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Hi Don. Hope you had a good trip.
My gearbox cover had a hot rubber matting laid over it under the carpet, as well as the floors which had aluminum sheets laid over the original pans. This was done when the PO had the "frame on" restorartion done in 1984. Consequently, the OD wire hole was covered, which I will now simply drill out. (I wouldn't have even seen it without your contribution - thanks)
But my question is, where does the scuttle vent drain tube go? I couldn't find info. in any of my books covering that particular tube.
Mike G. 1956 TR3
Mike Gambordella

Hi Miike:
There should be a hole in the top centre of the cover about2 or 3 inches from the front.It is about 1/2 to 5/8 in diam.and rounded on the edge to prevent chaffing.

Chuck: Thanks for the reply.
I have two holes at the top front center of my cover, and the original 1" on the side Don spoke of. I think a PO drilled the secondary hole (3/8" dia) up front, that's where my OD wires were. I put the wires in a rubber tube in that hole, ran the tube up to the dash, then ran the wires to to the relay. My floor leaves something to be desired so I didn't want to run the wires along it.
Perhaps I'll put a "T" fitting on the battery drain tube, and plug the scuttle vent tube into it.
Thank you, everyone. (gettin' there)
Mike G. '56 TR3
Mike G.

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