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Triumph TR5 - Lucas Fuel Pump Replacement

The Lucas fuel pump on my TR5PI has worn out (not delivering sufficient pressure). I have found that a Bosch pump (serial number 0580254996) can be fitted to replace the Lucas pump. But I am being told that a special adapter kit is needed to fit the Bosch pump. The kit costs as much as the pump. Supposedly, the Bosch pump needs a different fuel filter arrangement because the pump suction must be flooded. Also new fuel pipes and connectors. Without all this, the car won't run properly.
Any one out there have experience with fitting a Bosch Fuel pump to a TR5 (or TR6PI)? Is an adapter kit needed? If not, how do you do the installation?
Thanks for your help.

Steven - You are one lucky guy. A TR5PI. Where did you find it ? The owner of Roadster Factory in Armagh, Penn. also has one.

All TR5 and TR6's in UK are PI (petrol injected) and the TR Register has written a lot in their club magazine over tha last 4 or 5 years on the problems of Lucas pumps packing up. For example when it gets hot in England - 60 deg F (15 C) or hotter you see all the TR6's stopped along the verge (shoulder) if they can find a place and they pack ice-packs on the pump for 30 minutes till it cools down so they can continue.

For low pressure conditions many have added a second Lucas pump in series.

Also it seems that many have had to convert their pumps (most to Bosch) because the Lucas pump needs lead petrol to "lubricate" the innards. And UK has finally gone "lead free".

In the latest issue of TR Action from UK, Moss Europe are selling a Lucas pump for lead-free petrol developed over the last two years by KMI Petrol Injection Engineers.

Contact Moss in UK. From North America phone o11 44 181 867-2000 or e-mail Russell Scott at :-
E-mail Address(es):

Mention my name. I bought most of my restoration parts from Russ 12 years ago.

Also check with Prestige Developments & Injection in UK who claim to be the "market leader".

Tel & Fax:- 011 44 197 826-3449

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A

Don Elliott

This thread was discussed on 03/05/2002

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