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Triumph TR5 - missing at low revs

I have a 68 TR5 (which Ive only had for a few months - previously I owned a 69 MGB). The TR5 misses at low revs usually when pulling away from stop. This occurs if I pull away quickly or gently. At all other times there is no problem even under serious load up a hill or when accelerating hard. Idle is also rough.

The plugs have been replaced. Should I now look at the leads or the coil. Any suggestions please.

PS there is now no condensation on the dipstick - it seems that good long runs (and an oil change)is all that it needed.
Gary Crutchley

It might be worthwhile you putting the TR5 problem on the TR6 site. Thatis if you don't get any response from the
Seeing that TR5 and TR6 (UKmodel) are both injection TR
you should get some response as it always very busy
regards Kevin
(fellow Escape Car Club Member)
Kevin Farley

Gary - You should also put your question on the UK TR Register BBS Forum. It costs nothing and you don't need to be a member of the TR Register to join.

That's where many of the TR5 & TR6 PI questions are answered. I'd put it to the TR6 owners as they are more likely to respond.

You can join by clicking on their Home Page :-;CODE=00

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

I should wrap up this problem. As it turns out the electronic ignition was breaking down when it got warm under the bonnet. We tested it by fitting points and a condenser and all was OK. I've now had a new electronic system fitted and there is no problem at all.
G A Crutchley

This thread was discussed between 16/10/2003 and 06/04/2004

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