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Triumph TR5 - Missing V05 for TR5


I have found a Matching no. RHD TR5 with no V05! The story says the car was orig. sold in the UK, exported to Sweden and taken to Norway by a student who just dumped the car in the late 80's.
I have checked with Swedish authorities about identifying the car based on its chassis no, but so far nothing has come up ( the old registers were dumped when everything was computerized I was told and car that had been off the road for many years, were not saved.....).
I have also checked with Swansey with no progress.

It looks I am faced with 2 options:

1) scrap the car
2) find aV05

Can anybody assist?

Halvor Asland
+47 915 917 20
H. Asland

Halvor, what do you mean by a V05??


Hey Jim

The "V05" or "V5" is the form no. for UK registration documents. I am not sure about the equivalent in the US.

To be able to register the TR5 in Norway, I need a registration document indicating reg.- and chassis no. The latter is of course easy to change. The car was dumped to be broken in the 80's, but the condition of the car is so good, that a restoration is the only sane solution. Anyway it would be an insanity to scrap a genuine TR5 PI for parts!!! Agree? The car is CP 2271 but any TR5 CC or CP no. will do

If you know of any identity papers/registration documents for a TR5 or TR250, would be greatly appreciated.

Halvor Asland

Check with the registrar for TR5 and TR250 at the TR Register in England.

Write to him - maybe he can help.

Roger Ferris
31 Fosse Way
Ealing, London, W13 0BZ

Also you can ask at the Heritage Centre in England where they keep all the archives for British cars:-

You can ask for and pay for a certificate for your British car id you can submit the Commission Number.

Click on:-

Production Record Certificate:
A service offering car owners a certificate showing the details of their individual vehicles as recorded in the original production records.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A, Comm. No. TS27489 LO
Don Elliott

Thanks Don, but already done without success!!!! I have also checked the Swedish register with same result...

I have a BMIHT certificate with all details, but the British vehicle licensing agency (DVLA) will not/ can not assist with last owner/reg. no.!!!

As you can imagine, I am getting desperate. How often do you stumble across "a matching no." TR5 PI with very little rust and never touched other than ordinary service !!!!!

Halvor Asland

The TR Register in Ditcot might be able to help. Send an e-mail message asking it to be directed to Bill Piggott who wrote the books "Original Triumph TR's". Bill has a contact at the DMV and has been able to get an original number back for many TR's that had newer reg. plates because someone found these TR's in a barn or in a field with no plates or papers.

Give it a try. Bill is not on the internet himself.

Mention my name and the above.


Write to Roger Ferris (adress above) - he has all the lists of all the member's TR5's and TR 250's that are or were club members.

Don't give up. It sounds like that TR5 is worth getting it done right.

Don Elliott
TR Register member since 1987
Owner of my TR3A since May, 1958
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 10/01/2003 and 28/01/2003

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