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Triumph TR5 - TR250 Air Cleaner Color

Does anyone know the correct color for the air cleaner assembly for the 67-68 TR250 with the 3150 carbs? Thanks for your time.
Jeffrey Palya

This is a topic right now on the UK TR5 and TR250 site.
Click on the site below to see what they say. But remember that in England, all TR5's and TR6's have fuel injection and may be different. Ask your question there too.

To register, click on :-;CODE=00

Then click on "Register". It's free and a useful 2nd BBS for questions and answers. Then click on TR5 - TR250. You may find your answer.

Don Elliott, Original owner, 1958 TR3A, Montreal, Canada
Don Elliott

I waited to respond, as I wanted to get a look at a couple of original TR250 air filters housings. One came off a friend

Thank you for your reply for the finish on the PI units.
Thank you for you reply. I also saw a few pictures of original TR250 air filter housings on the net and the semi-gloss black finish looks to be correct. I also did not see any decals on any of the filter housings.
Jeffrey Palya

This thread was discussed between 05/03/2004 and 10/03/2004

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