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Triumph TR5 - UK Spec TR5 in Texas - with challenges!

I have a '68 TR5 with some of the same problems. I've had a gradual deterioration in performance - the car begins to misfire very badly almost every time I pass 3k rpm. It's not a intermittent misfire; It's as if I have an electrocial component cutting out and limiting rpm. The engine operates without problems at lower rpm (but it is a dog to start).

fuel pump is good - replaced couple a years ago. Fitted with cooling coil.
Changed fuel filter.
Changes points and condensor.
Replaced HT leads & plugs.
Checked butterflies.
Choke lever is properly located (with the right gap between it and the actual fuel distributor arm).

The fuel distributor was replaced 24 months ago, (Moss exchange unit). And the fuel injector leads have strong, sharp, pulses, (indicating the injectors are not leaking badly).

My next steps are:
Substitute coil.
Check fuel pump pressure (any idea where to get the equipment to check fuel pressure?).
Check injectors.

Advice appreciated!

Jim (by the way - I live in Texas with a UK spec TR5. I run on unleaded fuel with superblend zero lead 2000 susbstitute. I use 100 octane fuel which I get from a local fuel distributor). As you can see - I lve a challenge!
Jim Fitzpatrick

this sounds like your carburettors need to be looked at, my dad and i maintain an Austin healey, and have had almost the same problem, this is caused by ware of the carburettors, its a real bitch to revise them yourself.
I advice you to have it done by a prefessional since it is real tricky :(
or you could just get a TR5 engine, that has injection, it drive mre miles to the gallon and requires less maintenance but it will lessen the value of your car since it won't be original any more :(

Good Luck,

This thread was discussed between 13/08/2000 and 18/09/2000

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