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Triumph TR6 - ?????


Sorry . . . camber looks to be out on the right front wheel.
Rick Orthen

I don't want it but I'm curious...What is it? I know it's mostly a spitfire but I have never seen one like that. Rare?

HP Henry Patterson

Looks like a MkIII Spitfire with a hardtop/coupe kit. Did Parrish Plastics sell those back in the day? Looks like a nice project. My favorite model of Spitfire too.
A Blackley

That's it, I gotta throw one in here....Don, didn't you accuse ME of spending too much time on the internet some time ago? Just how deep did you have to go to find these Spit pictures????
These pictures look familiar, I kinda remember seeing that once before....and I agree, my favorite Spit too, first Triumph or LBC for that matter was a Saffron (mustard?) 69 w/ factory hardtop.
Rod Nichols

Yep, that is a Mk III. My first car was a Spit MkIII late '69 model, but I had stadard boot lid and soft top, but the interior looks similar (Ha!). That is what $500 of grass cutting money bought me back then in high school! Fun times.
MRankin CC61212L, '71 TR6
(graduated to two more cylinders and a bit more than 69hp!)

The concensus is anAshley Hardtop. Check out pics at

The cobwebs, tire chains, etc. are fun to see in a picture. They all remind me of various projects I've dragged home. I can almost smell the car.

The top doesn't look bad from the 2 angles they used when they drew it out the first time on a bar napkin. With a newly designed window it might be kind of nice. But those quarterlights are horrendous. Were these tops made before the GT6 came out? I can see making a Spit with a 6 cyl., but making a GT4? Maybe a gas crisis thing..

If they made the kit today it would have a huge spoiler "handle" on the back. And a big trumpet exhaust to set it all off.


Good sleuthing Don.
So it is an aftermarket NexGen mod.
I suppose one would remove his original boot lid to make the new boot lid functional. That is one way of adding boot space. Can not say I have ever seen one of these in NA.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Cudos go to the gang in another forum
can't take credit

I too had a 60's Spit. It was a '66 Mk III? I do still have the $325 check I talked my Dad out of for a summer of mowing when I was 16 in 1973. It drove!

EC Smith

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