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Triumph TR6 - $$$$?????

Well, I've come to the hard decision that the it has come to the time that the 6 should find a new place to call home.
I need to figure out what a good starting point for money on this is.
I usually don't sell parts and just give them away so not up on pricing

71 Last driven 1997.
complete new suspension and brakes all PC;d
wheels trued and PC'd
Motor bottom end balanced lightened and new pistons and all parts.
TSI camshaft, 9.5:1 TSI head and springs
New SU's
Rebuilt original Stroms
Early and late ceramic coated Intake
Ceramic coated Falcon exhaust
Ceramic coated TT headers
Dan Masters Wiring panel finished and Taped.
Carter fuel pump not in stalled
Electric Fan
Redone dash.
Also comes with new
Fenders,inner and outer rockers and caps,floors
Has new bonnet,never installed, new boot lid installed ,new door skins installed,
rechromed Fr. and Rr bumpers
And many more parts
Interior needs carpet and put together.
Motor has not run since built in 02 or so

What do you guys think ??

How's the frame Don?
Was the new stuff done since taken off the road in 97?
All the parts are available?
How much time to put it together and make it usable?
Can you post a picture?

$$$ will depend upon frame condition and how much work to put it together to make it usable versus buying a frame up which would go for $15-20K or a good driver $6-12K I would estimate.
Michael Petryschuk

Think the frame is in good shape.
Has not been out of the garage since 97 except once to wash it right before this pic was taken
Prolly would start after a days worth of work.
Needs a new interior.
Gas tank was removed and coated and FI ports added and is still out .
Intake and SU's are off
The mid section of the exhaust needs to be fitted as I think England sent me the wrong sections.
Other than that will start up

Still have most of the pieces I removed ,but a few small ones I gave to needy owners

Also Mallory dizzy and electronic tach
Should mention new Fenders ,rockers,and floors are not on the car but brand new.
I have lots of pics


Nice garage. Can I have it?

Car looks better than I first pictured it. Probably needs another $1-3 K to finish? If you aren't in a hurry to sell, I'd ask $18-20K for it and see what happens.
Michael Petryschuk

Say it ain't so Don! Egad, your forever car. I don't know what prices are like where you are but the market here for LBC's is terrible. In 2004 a friend paid $24,000 delivered, including taxes for an immaculate '74 California TR6 from Drake's British Motors in Kelowna, BC at the same time I shipped my Washington state TR6 here for 1/2 that price. He tired of the car quickly and had been trying to sell it since 2005 starting with $19,500 and he sold it the summer before last for $12,000. The new owner has also tired of the car and is asking $14,000 since last summer and it is known he will take $12,000. The point is that this car is exceptional and is complete in every detail. From your list your car sounds awesome but I don't think the market will be kind to an incomplete car unless you get a buyer who knows the cars like we do on this forum. That being said, I'd agree with Michael and go for the $18 - $20K and see what happens. It is worth every bit of that if thr frame is also good. What would be the chances of enough forum members being close enough to you to donate a weekend to helping you install the floor pans, fenders, sills and rockers, then get it running. Okay, since you prolly won't go asking for that kind of help, I've just done it for ya. If I was able I would be glad to help but alas I am too far away to assist. Anybody out there able to give Don a hand?
Bob Evans

The car is not as pretty as it looks in the pic.
It needs All the pieces are there except the new interior to make it immaculate.
Even has a new windshield that has only seen the sun 1 day.
Everything has either been PC'd or ceramiced.
I was thinking $7000 but that might be a stretch


Another shot




Nice TR8!!! The six looks pretty sweet as well...
DWS Smith

If anybody is interested I have a brand new pair(bought in about 02) of SU HS6's for sale

Hey Don -

Take a good look at the SU's. They kinda look like sausage grinders from the 50"s huh...
That's because Skinners Union was in the meat (sausage) grinding buisiness before they got into carbs...
Funny Huh...
DWS Smith



Don -

My brother has a 72 in need of carbs. What are you asking for the complete SU set up?
DWS Smith

Skinners Union was actually in the plumbing business. Notice how the carbs resemble the flush valve on a urinal?
BTP Price

Just the carbs and the little bit of linkage I got with it

SU carbs were allegedly developed working with plumbers (air and fuel "flow" through them, so that makes sense, sort of). It is well known that SU stands for Skinner's Union, my careful research has uncovered however, the less well known fact, that they were actually developed by British pork butchers, and that SU was actually shortened from SSU, standing for the Sausage Skinners Union. Below, an earlier development of the Sausage Skinners Union. The SSU, SG5, featuring "Spiral Venturi Design" (SVD). It was said to be the inspiration for the first SU side draft 1902...the family resemblance is apparent.

Check out the pic...

DWS Smith

Don -

I'll let my brother know. Thank you....
DWS Smith

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