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Triumph TR6 - 19.5 Gallon Fuel Tank

I've posted the 19.5 gallon fuel tank photos and plans that Dan masters has is the link.

Charlie Ballard

Very interesting, and it looks great and at 25 mpg you'll go a long way. Anyway how does it perform with the extra weight on the IRS. What adjustments have you made if any to the rear suspension. ? I would be worried that my lights might end up pointing to the moon.
regards Kevin Farley
Kevin Farley

Charlie and Dan,
Thanks! I've been wanting those plans for a couple
of years now.
Kevin, to answer your question about the extra weight.
In Dan's case he has changed out the IRS for a shortened Ford 9 inch rear end and soild axle with leaf springs. The selection of leaf springs available
is so large that a pair can easily be found to
compensate for the added weight.
Charie the extra hundred pounds or so is something you and I should talk about with our IRS. It might be as
simple as installing the uprated HD springs.
They are rated at 50lbs more than the stanard spring.
50lbs x 2 = 100lbs addional suspened weight?
Might work. Personally I think I would extend the
filler neck down into the tank aleast 3inches to
decrease the volume down to 17gal. and use that extra space for expansion of the gas.
Christopher Trace

You need that extra few gallons for that thirsy engine of yours..Nes Pa?

Looks good Charlie! Looks like it is also designed for the OE sending unit?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Who gets 25 miles to the gallon? I have never been able to get more than about 16 or 17.

JL Bryan

I think the 25 mpg figure is for mostly flatlander cruising on the interstate. My best and worst figures have been 28 and 17, with a long-term average of 22. If you get 17 in the cruise mode, I'd think of tuning up.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Try taking it out of first gear:)
Rick C
PS see the archives to answer your question.
Rick Crawford

I get 22 to 23 mpg. No OD, either, but triple ZS's.
Brent B

Chris an Charlie

If I remember right a gallon of gas is about 7 lbs? TR tank I think is 12.5 gallons so the extra only adds about 50 lbs. Never had a couple of cases of beer even further back cause problems Kevin your lights should be fine..:)

Only problem I see is what I call tall weight. Most of your gas weight is above the centerline of the car already for cornering. TRs tank location is ridiculous at best. On the solid axle its less of a problem? IRS depends much more on the frame for stiffness? Even though baffled. Fluid will lean out of the corner rather than into. With the tall stance of the tank rather than a low flat tank that shifts weight to outside wheel and keeps it low. Tall tank lets fluid move out and climb up increasing top over roll. More volume more top roll at half tank? Springs won't change that problem by much. Just makes the frame center torque more on IRS.

No engineer but thats the way I see it?

Bill Brayford

I'm with you Bill - I don't see dead weight as a problem, but the small tanks make you feel as though you are spending more at the pump (I'm there every few days as it is!!)
I'm pretty sure the US spec tanks weren't baffled and that has been a weak point in my case (my ex LHD is now PI RHD). I have asked Dan if the baffles are good enough for long lefthand sweeping bends as the bottom of the tank appears flat. I would have thought a 'pot' at the bottom where the outlet is would be an idea or at least a sloping bottom. I have had to instal a separate swirl tank (ex V12 Jag) in the corner of the wheel well (at the expense of carrying the spare wheel).

I had considered a thinner tank at the top feeding one that takes up the wheel well and a couple of things come to mind.

1) the dead weight would be better distributed (TR's are nose heavy)
2)the spare wheel (if needed) would then fit in the trunk and the trunk would be bigger than it presently is BUT
3) the lower tank is closer to the exhaust (heat!) and then there's the small matter of cost!!

All said, I live with the comprimise (there are a few others anyway) but I dream about doing it all again, spending the money in different areas............then I wake up ;o)
Roger H

OK Guys - Lets talk about Bush Gallons and the old British Empire Gallons.

Dan' Tank 19.5 BG = 15.6 Imperial Gallons

Kevin from Australia (probably with "Petrol Injection" get 25 miles to the Imp gal. = 20.8 miles to a US gallon

JL Bryan gets 16 - 17 miles per US gallon with carbs in Florida where it evaporates with the heat (faster than Al Gore voting ballots)

Chris - If you don't extend the 3" pipe down, you could fill it up on a really long trip when i'll be down 3" in double quick time. If you add a pointer arrow to one side you could leave it visibly 3" low when you plan to leave it parked for a while.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Bilingual expert on gallons - but now we use liters in Canada so I guess I'm tri-lingual.
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 17/03/2004 and 18/03/2004

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