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Triumph TR6 - 1975 - Restarted Project

Well after a couple of years working in different parts of Ontario, we have now settled in Newfoundland and now that the Spitfire has gone, its now time to get the TR6 finished. On the mechanicals they are nearly all complete, just sourcing and alternator and will replace the clutch (I have a new one in a box ..somewhere), I have found a classic body shop who is going to replace, the floors, sills, rear valances (outer and lower inner) again I have had the panels for years. Cant wait to see the work start on the body in 4 weeks...I will upload some pics... Oh ant tips would be welcome


lw gilholme

Good luck with the project Les. Looks good in the picture. My tip- enjoy a wobbly pop or 2 while you work.

A couple of weeks ago I started to strip down a 69 TR6 parts car I got that was essentially complete. No pictures yet but the interior is stripped out and body is ready to come off. No rocker sills or floor pans left (ll rusted) and the frame at the trailing arm connection is rot (typical TR6). All in all it appears to be in better shape than my current 69 was when I rebuilt it so it should be able to be done cheaper.
Michael Petryschuk

Mike, As usual many thanks. Can you drop me an email so that we can swop pics as we move along.

I don't suppose that you have a spare exhaust (if only the headpipe?


lw gilholme


Im losing the plot...been so long since I seen the six, I had already fitted the headpipe to the engine ...DUH!

So tomorrow after I insulate the basement..yes renos to house as well...I will start going through the boxes and catalogue the bits...I am sure that I only need an exhaust....hopes

I fitted a Bosch AL530X alertnator, which came up a replacement for the Delco unit, came with the pulley fitted and bracket is the same.

lw gilholme

If you are ready to take the body off your TR6 and if you have access to a 2 post lift --- it is easy. I unbolted the body and disconnected anything that would interfer bewteen frame and body. I put 2 by 4 along the rocker panels on each side and used the lift to raise the body. Once I had the body in the air I just pushed the rolling frame out of the way. I then built a wood cradle which has wheels on it and set the car on my cradle. I am now doing the body work such as new pans, etc and when not working on it I just roll to corner of the shop. If you want to see pictures it would not be a problem. Today was pulling the old facia and setting the gages in new. I think I may do the main wiring harness but also concerned on cost --- trying to not get up side down with this project.
Russ Little

Thanks for the advice Russ. The wheels on the cradle is a great idea. My body's coming in 2 pieces though when it comes off - no floor boards left and the rocker sills might as well be off since there isn't much left. I built a wooden A frame to help lift the body for the 69 I currently drive which I will use for this one as well.

I am not doing this one too fast jus to control cash flow and since I have one on the road now. I did my current 69 TR6 driver from 2002 to 2005. In fact the colour looks very much like Mr Adams red one in the picture he supplied in the Date of manufacture post.

Good luck with your project. I replaced the front wiring harness with new on my current driver and have had no electrical problems. I guess it depends upon how bad your old one is and where else you need to spend money but the new one might give some piece of mind for reliability on the road and to replace it later will be a pain.

If you can, my advice would be to try to do as much new where reliability is questionable on the stuff that you don't want to have to replace later as it would involve stripping out a bunch of stuff and leave the easy to access stuff for future replacement after you get the car on the road.

And please ensure you reinforce the frame bolts that hold the differential on while you have the body off if it hasn't been done. That is a very weak area on the frame. There are pre fabricated gussets available from the main LBC car suppliers for this task. On my current driver, I found one completely broken away from the frame.

Michael Petryschuk

There was a really good artical in Classic Motorsport this last issue about keeping track of parts during a resto. They totally stripped a Mini. As we all know, it's easy to lose track of parts. What they did was try to put parts of a similar nature in the same box's. Elec. in one, gauges in another etc. Then they would take photo's of the contents of each of the box's and number the photo and corresponding box. Then you print the photo's and put them in a binder. Need a part? Look through the binder, it tells you what box it's in without your having to rummage through however many box's you might have, to find you part. Sounds like a little work up front, but I could see saving time, space, (your box's are more likely to stay in a smaller pile), and frustration.

rw loftus

I've found that the small medicine pill bags that you can purchase at your pharmacy are priceless. They along with several boxes of pint/quart/gallon ziplock bags and an ever handy Sharpie indelible marker are "parts savers". Digital pictures are a life saver too. I photographed the part insitu, the area, once removed and the removed part. Helps in reassembly. And yes, I have boxes for lots of different stuff like accessories, lights, transmission, interior, electrical, carburettor, brakes, etc. You get the idea.
Doug Baker

Re your initial post, June 11/13 - Lol - ant tips? You having ant problems there in Newman's Cove. :)
Or, did you mean And....meaning also, tips would be welcome?
Sorry, couldn't resist that one. :)
Drop by and have a wobbly pop next time you're in the area and we can talk TR6 (white) for a few hours.
Bob Evans

I also have a 1976 TR6 that I will be restoring. I saw where someone mentioned a CDII, an interactive DVD. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this DVD? Any help would be deeply appreciated.

R. Dixon

Post your USPS address to dbakerZero(the numeral-0)4atAOLdotcom. Fix the at and dot and you're done. I'll try to get a copy to you this coming week if you email me your address. Caution, for personal use only. I don't how interactive it's going to be however!!
Doug Baker

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