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Triumph TR6 - 1995 Gearbox problems, help.

I have just started having problems changing gear on my 1975 TR6. The car changes up through the gears no problem.
Trying to go down through the box is another matter, but only from 3rd to 2nd, all the other gears work perfectly. This has just started over night. I dont know where to start looking?. Any ideas.

It sounds like you have a synchro problem in the
gearbox. Each gear has a synchronizer ring that
helps the gears to mesh smoothly when downshifting.
If one of the synchros is worn or broken, it is
hard to downshift.

A big clue would be if the problem goes away with
"double clutching". To do this, you would shift to
neutral, let the clutch out, and rev the engine
moderately before trying to shift down into 2nd gear.
When you double-clutch, you are doing what your synchro
should be doing for you, bringing the internal gears
to appropriate speeds to mesh cleanly.

You should also check the oil level in the gearbox. I
use Redline MTL for the transmission on my MGB and TR6,
it seems to give better shifting than the standard lube.
(I don't know availability of Redline MTL in UK, here in
USA it tends to be limited to specialty auto stores).

This thread was discussed between 13/11/1999 and 15/11/1999

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