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Triumph TR6 - 2 in 2 out muffler for a 73.

The TR is sounding rather .... "sporty" these days. Time for a new muffler, the pipe has failed at the entry port. Moss is out of them. I need a Walker 40147. Any leads in the GTA (Toronto)? I found one sourse in Richmond Hill but its $60 more than Moss ($230 CDN).

Have you thought about going to duals. Now would be a good time. I know it's not original but boy do they look nice. I wish I did when I changed my exhaust. A friend of mine has a couple of glass packs with dual tips (can't remember the make). I thought my car sounds nice, but his sounds even better.
Doug Campbell

Not sure of the price your quoting. Obsolete has one $239.00 Cnd. Here
Bill Brayford

Looks like 230 CDN is the going rate.
Duals would be nice but also expensive.

Bryn, have you bought a muffler yet? I put duals on my 76 and have the muffler out in my garage. Was thinking of putting it on e-bay. It is still in good shape.
w Holtzclaw

As long as the pipes inbto the muffler are at least 4" long and its in good shape, I'd be interested. How much do you want for it and would you be willing to ship it via UPS ground to Upstate NY? I'll pay the shipping of course.

This thread was discussed between 05/08/2003 and 08/08/2003

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