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Triumph TR6 - 21 YEARS REUNION

I had a 1974 TR-6 in high school. The year was 1979
I loved the style of the TR-6 and fell in love at first sight. I drove the car for 2years and had to sell the car due to high maintenace cost.
Chicks really diged this sport car.
Every time when I see the TR-6 on the road I remembered the high school days. 21 years passed by through out the years one day I will buy the TR-6 again
but never happened.
Then one day in June 2000 I bought a BUY AND SELL paper
and saw a ad for 1974 TR-6 it read TR-6 new engin,new clutch,10000 miles on rebuilt engine for $2800.00
I first thought it was a miss print call the owner right away and got there within an hour.
Car was at the back yard with plastic tarp over it.
When he start pulling the tarp over from the front bumper ( I thought since the price was so low it would be in pretty rough shape ) but my eyes were big as cows eye and my jaw was on my stomach.
It can't be this car. Owner assured me that this is the car. The colour was same as the one I had previously RED with black interior also it had the roll bar. I had to check the serial no. but it wasn't the same car. But I bought the car it came with ton's of the spare parts and body fender.
I will never sell this car I want to pass it on to my son. This one is a keeper!

Beware these TR's are infectious!
I bought my TR3A in '66 at age 19 and managed to keep it long enough so that it was no longer of significant value for a house purchase - mind you it was a near thing on several occasions! Now it's restored and in concourse condition.
But I always wanted those later models that I could only read about as a penniless student.
So now there's also a TR4 in presentable condition and on the road, and also a TR6 in bits awaiting a ground-up rebuild and conversion to PI.
My family reckons I'm cracked, but what the hell!
There's nothing quite like driving a TR, is there!!!
All the best with your new purchase,
Happy TRing
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly

This thread was discussed between 29/07/2000 and 01/08/2000

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