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Triumph TR6 - 2nd gear changedown

What does it mean when changing down to 2nd gear it either doesnt go in or it is just really tight?
Usually improves when the car's warmed up though!
Any thoughts? I just renewed the clutch slave and bled it and that's all good.....All the other gears are fine.....What d'you reckon? syncromesh going?
The car's only down about 60K!!

I reckon synchro is going. I've been living with a bit worse than that, I have to match speeds closely (which is fun when it works, irritating when I miss) to go into 2nd without a crunch. I'm just too lazy and cheap to replace that synchro. If you do dig into the tranny, get a good part, some of them are too thin. Can't remember the spec to check, but I'm sure someone will.

i assume that rebuilding the gearbox/replacing the syncromesh is one hell of a mission?
and whilst doing that i guess you may just as well change the clutch etc!!!

This thread was discussed on 15/04/2005

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