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Triumph TR6 - 3rd Annual BBSers winter get together

Well gentleman it is that time of the year again.
I'll be hosting this years party and as always eveyone
is welcome as long as you are willing to drive to
southern Ontario. Coffee,beer,pop and sandwiches will be served in my newly heated garage. Last year we had a good turnout at Bills place and it was nice to put a face to the name.
I am located on Hwy 9 north of Toronto half way between
Newmarket and Orangeville. I'll give more specific directions as the date approches. At the moment I'm
thinking of a Sat. or Sun at the end of Feb. or early
March but I'm wide open. What day is good for you guys?
Christopher Trace

I'd like to go but I don't trust my TR6 to make it outside of town yet!....

Hi Chris!

I've been hibernating but I haven't disappeared. Count me in. Last year was great fun and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Sunday's are better for me, but I'm flexible.

Mati Holland

Hi Chris,
Anytime except Mar 12 week-end is fine with me so far.
Charlie B.

End of Feb..beginning of March sounds good. Sunday is better for me also.
Looking forward to seeing your new garage and the rest of the gang.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Okay lets say Feb.27th which is a Sunday.
Any one who wants to attend please email me and I send you a map.Time, well 2-6pm, is that okay with everyone?
Just like to get some rough numbers so I'll have enough
food on hand and so I can tell Rick C. how many discs
to bring.
Christopher Trace


Can you mail me a map, i cant commit yet, but am hopeful to attend


Bob Craske

hi Chris,

count me in on this, i'm in oakville.

have you got a date yet and saturday or sunday sounds great

maybe one of you guys will enlighten me on how to get my tr4 to start...just finished re-assembling but can't get her started.

thanks Dino

That is probably over 2,000 miles from sunny South Florida, so I doubt you will see me there. Maybe Clive can run one of the Ferraris up there!

JL Bryan

Hello all! I would like to join you and Feb 27th sounds good for me. Chris, if you would e-mail a map, I will be coming from Erin, so along Hwy #9. My e-mail is prussellataztecdashnetdotcom. Substitute @ for at,- for dash, and . for dot.
Cheers all
Pete Russell
ps I may bring my TR6 tranny for some opinions if its ok with you Chris to put on you bench. I am replacing clutch...well I started to before Christmas, but my garage is too cold now to finish up. Hope I remember how to put things back together.
Pete Russell

Hi Chris, You can count me in as well. Probably hook up with my buddy Charlie B for the trip. It will be great to see you and your new garage! Thanks Brian
B.R. Horne

Can I bring my 6......I need bearings put in the lower end?

Just kiddin' with you and Pete. Pete, you have the shortest distance to travel.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 18/01/2005 and 13/02/2005

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