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Triumph TR6 - 55 amp bosch alternator

I've just installed a bosch alternator on my tr6. I'm not sure it is connected properly. I put a voltmeter to the battery cables and only get 12.2 volts with the car running or not. I changed the stock alternator out although the guys at autozone and pepboys told me it was putting out 14.4 volts. On my wiring hareness which I had installed 3 years ago has a brown wire unattached at where the alternator is. It has never been connected to the old alternator nor to this new one. What is that single terminal on the bosch used for?
JC II Currin

Hello JC,

Links that may be usefull:

Wish that will help...

Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Did you ,by any chance, install the correct Bosch?
Not that that would change your reading
Don Kelly

This thread was discussed on 29/03/2012

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