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Triumph TR6 - 71 triumph running!!!

Well after carb rebuild my TR6 is running strong. Great car lots a fun just have to continue putting the finishing touches on her. Thanks to everyone that has helped me out and in particular for the CD full of info. One question I do have is about fuel. The guy who rebuilt the carbs said I should be running 96 octane and preferably with octane booster because the motor was designed to run on 100 octane!! Is this true?
A Vandergoot

Hi and congrats about your wedge.
our carb engines were designed with 7.5:1 CR, meaning they can run on 96 octane fuel without any problem. What the guy probably meant is that you have to use a lead additive in your fuel since originally the valve seats were designed to be lubricated by the lead in the fuel. Modern fuels are unleaded so you have to add lead substitute in order not to destroy your valve seats.A lot of cars including mine have had the head rebuilt using hardened seats for unleaded fuel.Now the higher the octane in the fuel the purer the combustion will be. If you opt for the higher octane you will notice a slight improvement in economy and a slight improvement in performance. It is actually your choice which octane rating fuel you will be using for your engine.
I hope this helps.
Kypros Christodoulides

Okay thanks Kypros.
A Vandergoot

Your TR should be fine on regular fuel. The main reason to run premium is that in much of Western Canada (I don't know about the east) premium gasoline does not contain ethanol. And as Kypros said, the higher octane certainly won't hurt.

A. J. Koschinsky

This thread was discussed on 12/07/2012

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