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Triumph TR6 - '74 TR6 rear coil springs

So now it's time to change the rear coils on my '74. I see three types listed - Stock, Heavy Duty and Competition. Does anyone have an opinion on which to install? And why? My car does have a slight list to the drivers (left) side and it appears that the left rear is soft. It may be time to change the the fronts as well. Thanks in advance.
Stephen C.


I will definitely stay stock or HD, but not competition for street use.

One thinng that is mandatory is these aluminum spacers that you place under the lower end of coil to correct the rear wheel camber problem. And don't forget to inspect the upper frame to see is not torn by rust weakness.
Cheers, J.G.Catford
Jean G. Catford

I have recently completed a performance rebuild of my entire suspension including replacing all springs. I went with an uprated spring (goodparts brand) that also lowers the car somewhat which is exactly what I wanted because I think the cars sit too high to begin with. It is not necessary to replace the rubber spring cushions with aluminum ones which are I think really intended as a way of adjusting the ride height. Be vary careful about buying "uprated" springs because unless they are intended to lower the car your car will actually be lifted a couple of inches since the car will not settle the new higher rate springs. This looks real goofy! not to mention that performance will be reduced as the centre of gravity will have been raised. The ride of the uprated springs is definately firmer.
Michael McLaughlin

This thread was discussed between 29/08/2000 and 01/09/2000

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