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Triumph TR6 - 75 TR6 Pacesetter problem

I just acquired a 75 TR6 with a Pacesetter aftermarket exhaust. At idle it sounds like a car with a big hole in the muffler. The manifold is original, it uses the two downtube collector with the square exhaust flange, and from there back, the previous owner has welded in all sections. This exhaust splits into two outlets at mid-body, runs through what looks like a small glasspack on each pipe and terminates in an end muffler with two tips on each side (two end mufflers, four tips).
My problem is that the tone is terrible. Its not even a sporty sound. It sounds like the muffler has a hole in it. Is this normal for this exhaust? If not, I will need to replace everything from the downtubes back, since its all welded together. Do the endmufflers with the tips do anything, or is the sound from the intermediate glasspacks? I never expected a cool looking performance exhaust to sound so bad...
Kent Bracken

There's no need to scrap the whole system just because it's welded together. Just cut the glasspacks out and put some baffle muffs in there. Any muffler shop will help you out, give you advice on how to get the sound you want.

If there is a local club nearby ?? you could also check out other 6's to hear the different exhaust tones from the stock sound to Monza or Ansa etc
Charlie B.


As far I remember it is normal. I had a Monza pacesetter double exhaust on my TR6 1975, and was unable to discuss with passenger, TOO NOISY. Luckily this system didn't last as a big hole appears in one muffler. An ANSA system as replacement was more suitable. For the present time my suggestion is to remove rear big noisy mufflers an keep chrome tips and replace then with Glasspack (Cherry bomb style) and weld tips to them. A more quieter option will be Cherry bomb turbo.


J. G. Catford

The Monza system is indeed LOUD and the prior recommendations are all good ones to consider when weighing your options. Before getting too carried awy, do verify that you haven't holed the down pipe. It is more of a problem when running headers, but these cars have weak motor mounts and if they are bad enough, they will let the exhaust hit the frame below the manifolds and hole the header or downpipe.

If you have not hooked with them already, get in touch with the Red River Triumph Club. You have time to catch the July Pool Party and the ever popular Redneck Rally that ends at (and for those that aren't familiar with north central Texas, I am not making this name up) Possum Kingdom Lake!

Kent, I have a Monza Pacesetter exhaust system on my 1972 TR6. It was installed when I built the car for my son 5 years ago. I have not had any issues with the exhaust system since install( by the way I live in Florida, where exhaust systems are known for rusting out). I have been complimented many times about the nice mellow tone of the 6. My wife and I carry on normal conversations while cruising rountinely. If it sounds like you have a hole in the muffler, you need to check for leaks expecially around the header( exhaust manifold) and down pipe areas. A leak after the muffler would not be as pronouced as you indicate. When I do need to replace the system I would not hesitate to go back with the Monza system.
Arnold Newton

Thanks to all for suggestions. I took the car to local muffler shop and we found two things- 1) square exhaust collector loose at iron manifold (brass nuts backing off; 2) two pinhole leaks in welds on the system (one at intermediate tube, one at right muffler.) Result: the car is quiter upfront by maybe 10%, no change at back, still loud as heck.

I just bought this car and am starting to work out the kinks. I learned that the two tubes in line ahead of the end mufflers are referred to as "resonators" and were told that they actually quiet down the mufflers. On acceleration its nice, but at idle and city speeds its just too loud.

I've got other fish to fry since the exhaust is now at least complete, so I'll focus on seats and suspension. You'll see some more questions coming from me on those projects :). Meantime, I'll join Red River TR here in Dallas, and yes, there is a Possum Kingdom lake- its pretty (for Texas anyway), surrounded by cliffs, and makes a super summer retreat!
Kent Bracken

I had those also. Same problem. Set off car alarms in parking structures. Embarasing! Took off the mufflers (left the "glass packs") and replaced them with a couple of different kinds of turbo mufflers. No change. Decided to except it but wanted a finishing pipe from the muffler. took it to a muffler shop and had a 18 inch "S" shaped piece added that swooped up from the muffler to under the bumper and added a chrome tip. That took care of it. Not only did it give me the look but the sound was perfect. I was amazed at the differce the little extention made. If you could add 6 inches from the muffler to the Monza tips it might make it right.

hmmm....My mufflers are mounted right at the back of the car. You can just almost see them ends of them, and the tips come right out of the ends about 4 inches. If I did any plumbing there, you would see it... I suppose I could cutoff the tubes between the resonators and the mufflers and move them under the car, and then add this extension...
JKB Bracken

This thread was discussed between 18/06/2005 and 21/06/2005

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