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Triumph TR6 - '76 brake warning light

The '76 and I believe '75 brake light warning light is wired differently because the circuit includes a switch at the hand brake. When starting my car, the oil light temporarily illuminates, but the brake light does not. It also doesn't work with the hand brake switch. I have replaced the bulb - too simple, no luck.

With the different wiring scheme, what should I be getting when I turn on the ignition? Should it glow (I assume so) but it should stay lit if my hand brake is on - correct?


Awhile back my break warning light came on because the wire which is attached to the pressure differential valve assembly had come off. (I am sure I knocked it off when replacing the fuel pump) anyway after reconnecting the warning light turned off. I think it is just that, a warning light which will not illuminate unless there is reason to do so.

Test the theory, disconnect this wire and see if the light comes on. Good luck.

Jeffrey Shirhall

Hi Mati

Do you have the wiring schematics for the 76? Go here. PDF takes a minute to load even on high speed.

Your 76 has a device to light the failure bulbs brake and oil. Called a bulb test relay. If it fails it should not stop the lights normal operation though. It gets power from the same point on starter your seat belt module does.

According to diagram you should have power to both low pressure warning lamp and brake failure using the oil pressure switch as your ground before the car starts and pressure builds. If handbrake is on the light should be to.

If your alternator warning lamp lights and oil light. Brake light should come on at run position. They are all tied together.


Bill Brayford

Hi Bill!

Thanks for the link and the info. Before I posted, I knew my seatbelt warning light was disconnected and I knew my glove box light was also out. I see from the fuse box that a previous owner has disconnected. I'm going to need to study the diagram and my wiring to figure it all out. You've definately made a connection. Frustrating as this all is, it's also great fun - like frik'n murder mystery. I'm also a little distracted right now with the warm sunny weather. My first convertible is turning out to be a blast. Today my next door neighbour came over with a friendly rant, apparently he's been looking for a TR6 and will be buying one soon. Hates to be second on the block. Odd how people with similar tastes can live so close together. I guess that's just part of the riddle why so many canucks are on this page. I may get back to you with a supplementary on this wiring. I need to study everything a second and third time before it makes sense to me - even though my father was an electrician at one point intime (one of the few thing he didn't pass along via chromosomes or training). nuts.


Hey Mati

Ask away.

The Prince of Darkness Lucas may have invented the mystery? I know many frustrated British car owners would love to murder him?

The main thing to watch for is bad grounds and that green patina on copper connectors. Then as per "DR. Rick the good" clean and lay on the Dialectric grease.

Open cars tend to get damp.
Let us know what you find
Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 24/04/2003 and 28/04/2003

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