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Triumph TR6 - 76 TR6 Restoration

Hey guys...

A couple or three of you know that I am buying a turn-key car currently in restoration. I see in the threads that there are a lot of "works in progress" and thought I'd offer a link to pictures of the work being done on my 76... for reference if that is of any value. I take no credit for this work nor can I answer questions on the restoration. I'm a newbie LBC owner and just thought that sharing access to these pics may be of use to others. I'll keep the site current as I receive pictures.

Best to all for a great summer.

Ken Shaddock

Sorry... forgot the link. Doh!
Ken Shaddock

Nice pic's Ken. It looks like they're doing a great job. What's the latest completion date?

HP Henry Patterson


Lookin' good. Do have a quick question on the exhaust clamps. I am looking for clamps such as those shown in the third from bottom picture and having difficulty locating them in an appropriate size. Any chance of finding out the source of those clamps?

Hi Henry... wish I knew. I thought it was going to be May but it's dragging on. Maybe mid to end July (ugh).

Steve... I've asked Neil, the chap who is doing the resto. The exhaust system came from Double S and clamps may have been included.

Here's a link to Double S


Ken Shaddock

Looking very nice Ken.

Hope to see you out and about this summer soon.

Mike Petryschuk
69 TR6
Michael Petryschuk


The SS clamps came from a Marine Supply store. The system is Double S as mentioned.


Hope so too. Would like to be on the road in time for your BBQ but that may be wishful thinking.

Ken Shaddock


Thanks for getting back with the clamp information. I have been trying my "usual suspects" various industrial supply companies, aviation sources, etc and kept hitting dry holes. I never thought about a a marine supply. I guess that's what I get for having target lock and not keeping my head on a swivel to look at what else might be around.

Me thinks you should tell them too drop it off at Bronte Creek Provincial Park on the way by:)

You gotta be ticked!

Steve, All Marine stuff is SS because of salt and in general, everything is "heavier" because of engine vibration and "you do not want any leaks".
Rick Crawford

Rick... you got that right. I put a 10% deposit on this baby last October. The car was advertised on the TTC website last summer as being available "next spring"... ah that would be now. As I remember it, summer starts on June 21 and still no toy in my driveway. Trying to stay positive my friend...

Ken Shaddock


Exceptionally nice TR6. Beautiful restoration work. Happy motoring!

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

You know where I live ..come on over and take mine for a spin and a cold one ....I just got back from a 125 mile round trip to Toronto...what a drive..great weather and the car was flawless....It's such a great feeling when she runs right !

Charlie B.

Hi Charlie... you just know I'm itchin' to get out there and run through those gears. It's great to hear from you guys and know that you are out there enjoying your cars and the weather. I keep telling myself that the wait will be worth this test of my patience.

Fortunately, well maybe not, I've been busy this spring with some personal health issues (ticker is messed up) and assisting an Aunt through a rough time so I'm not twiddling my thumbs. However, I sure could use a healthy dose of TR6 diversion sitting in my driveway.

Bob: Thanks to you too for the kind words.
Ken Shaddock

This thread was discussed between 08/06/2007 and 18/06/2007

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