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Triumph TR6 - 8 worst engines

The link below is a list someone put together of what he felt are the 8 worst engines of the last fifty years. Triumph Stag V8 made the list. Interesting reading.
Doug Campbell

To that list I would add the Ford 3.8 OHV V-6 made from 1995 to 1999 when they finaly corrected the problems that lead to chronic head gasket failures after 65,000 miles. Ask the man who owned one, to paraphrase Packard.
Andy Blackley

OK I love threads like this, The lemon of all time has to be Fords 2000cc V4 from the early 70s, The engine started life as a V8 but when the Sues oil crisis arose it was chopped in half! The resulting peice of C---p was so out of balance that they had to have a counterweight shaft that weighed nearly as much as the crank, the head gaskets were a routine job normally carried out with the oil change and the vehicles with these engines were easily distinguishable as they were normally at the loosing end of a tow rope, Sad to see the Stag V8 motor in there, It was never the best but was great when running good, the big problem was corrosion and removing the Cyl heads was to say the least a Bitch, The cyl head bolts were a mixture of Bolts and Studs Crossdrilled and the studs would always corrode to the heads so hacksawing them off was the normal procedure. I could go on but wont
Clive P


Was that Ford V4 the piece of cr*p they stuck into the cheesy Mustang my sister had? So underpowered you had to lean forward to get up the hill.
Don from Jersey


Found this on the same site:

Sound familiar to a few people I'm sure...
Don from Jersey

Don I was not familiar with the Mustang or indeed any US car from that era, but I can assure you that the peice of cr--p that Ford put in the Zephyre in England was complete Garbage,The few cars that had A/C could not go uphill with it switched on!
Clive P

I have heard that about Honda CRVs but I will have to say my experience with Honda and CRVs is quite different. I bought one from the first year of manufacture and while it is the most boring car I have ever owned it has been the best made car I have ever had. Honda warranty work has been great. I lost the on board computer at 100,000 miles and they replaced it for free, part of the emissions which has no term limit for warranty work. You want to talk about bad cars look no further than mid 80s Mustang 5.0. Mine had parts fall off with great regularity. I replaced the door pull twice and the seat rocked back and forth tearing a hole in the floorboard. When I sold it I was using more gas than Texas produces in a year. I now have 136,000 miles on the CRV and it looks almost new. Same luck with a Civic bought after the Mustang died.
However for fun the best car of all time is my TR6. Makes a bad day good.
Dick Porter

Your last thread auto saftey just about sums it up! Technicians as they like to be called these days not Mechanics are basically fitters and anyone who has the basic skills can replace an oil filter without missing the extra rubber O ring, I would put my trust in my 11 year old daughter rather than those idiots
Clive P

My wifes 2002 Nisan Sentra should be added in that list. Blown transmission while under waranty(thank god) and it still doesnt run great on low end. Made on a Friday............ or Monday

This thread was discussed between 12/05/2005 and 13/05/2005

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