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Triumph TR6 - A little wobble at different speeds...

I have a '76 TR6. I've done extensive work, replaced almost
everything. New Daytons wire wheels, tires, four wheel alignment, etc.
I have a slight vibration at what seems to be varying speeds... If it
were a t certain speeds, I'd suspect a wheel, tire, u-joint (they're all
new...), but for example, I can go slightly under 60, solid as a rock.
Then when either accelerating, or decelerating TO 60, I get a little
wobble. I suspect the rack mount. The rack is new. All mount
components are new. when I observe the steering shaft/rack joint when
sitting in the garage, and I turn the wheel, there is a very slight
amount of 'play', horizontal movement. Should the rack be rock solid?
I don't want to go the way of the MOSS hard mounts, I should not have
to. I do want to eliminate this vibration!

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am enjoying a new tranny with J-Type
overdrive I bought from Triumphs Only. I cannot believe I drove so long
without one.

Dane Connell in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, 1 hour from
Wash DC

Dane Connell

I doubt a slightly loose rack mounting would cause speed-dependent vibration. Wheel and tyre is most likely cause. Try swapping a front wheel for a rear to see if the vibration stops.
Steering precision is aweful with rubber rack mounts if they are not fiited correctly ( and some of us would argue, even if fitted correctly!) The works manual describes a tool for compressing the mounting rubbers while fittng the rack. I recommend the ali rack mounts - the cheapest modification to a TR6 for the greatest improvement.
Peter Cobbold

Usually whobble at speeds are cause by tire and wheels. Since you have new wheels BUT wires this is where your problem can be. Have you had the wheels 'trued'? Wires are notorious even when new not to be round and straight. It is quite the art to have someone know how to 'work' the spokes to get a perfect wheel.

If you are having vibration while accelerating or decelerating only, and not at constant speed, I would suspect a u-joint in the driveshaft or half-shafts. Perhaps it could be an engine problem masking itself as a vibration. Possibly bad ignition wires causing a misfire under heavy load that does not show up when accelerating in the lower gears. Does this occur at any acceleration in the lower rpm range?
Did this occur before the OD?
These can be frustrating to find. Let us know.
Dennis '73 TR6
dennis costello

This thread was discussed between 03/05/2001 and 08/05/2001

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