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BMW is at again..a sneak look at a new theis point they don't own the TRIUMPH motorbike logo but I think they want to !

Charlie B.

"It's a Triumph , Jim , but not as we know it"

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

Brought to you by Pontiac and Saturn

Agreed. It looks like a Pontiac Sky.
Don from Jersey

Hey guys,
Dont be hating.
You may be looking at the next gen or next of kin. It still carries the name.

Marcello...yeah, but check the dna!! Is it really progeny or bastard?
Doug Baker

The new Triumph DNA could be from the...
Pontiac Soltice's DNA which shares Saturn Sky's DNA which is an exact DNA of the current Opel GT which was conceived by the GM Advanced Design Studio in Birmingham, England for the 2003 100th anniversary of the Vauxhall brand!!

Doug, Don & Peter,
I'm with you. BMW bought the name, bought they'll NEVER own the heart and soul of what makes a Triumph a Triumph. It might be a nice car....but not a real Triumph.
Rod Nichols

well auto express could have inside info and they could be letting this "slip out" (on BMW's wink-wink-behalf) but they do plainly state that it's what they (the web site "Auto Express") say a triumph COULD look like. paragraph #4
"Our pictures reveal what a modern Triumph car could look like, taking its styling inspiration from the classic TR4. Just as the new MINIís design was heavily influenced by the Sixties classic, a reinvented Triumph would be a retro remake."

Personally I think the front end looks like what a reissue Ford Escort might look like. The rest looks like a good copy of other cars all ready out, ie. Solstice.

Well, let's face it, Triumphs were always meant to be affordable. A car that's half Ford Escort and half Pontiac Solstice could fit their (damned) target price point.

just some thoughts...
c.a.e. emenhiser

also, the triumph motorcycle logo. If you click on picture you can easily make out the reflection of the throttle/brake lever (or just the clutch lever) in the gas tank. Whoever cobbled this silly thing together could have atleast used a the car company's logo (everybody knows Triumph Motorcycle is not part of BMW or the old british leyland marque).

just more thoughts, Chris
c.a.e. emenhiser

I have always been attracted by the triumph cars, in my case the TR6, has been my choice for many years. Now having the choice between a Porsche, BMW Z4, my red TR6 feels and sounds like a true Roadster !

So a new Triumph ... will not have the hstory and tradition behind it !
Sorry, I am not impressed !

Cheers, LT
L.T. Tawil

Hi Guys:

Charlie - you are definitely up on what's new but this one looks like a dog. Sure glad I have a TR6. This version is a Solstice with a mini Cadillac XLR look-alike front end and "roundy" front fenders. I have driven the Solstice a few times and it is a Cavalier in fancy sheet metal which handles the pits and has very little ooomph!. Geez, a Triumph motorcycle logo for Gawd's sake! No reflection on you and kudos for bringing it to the BBS but I hope this dies. Imagine some dude at A & W sidling up and boasting, "I have a Triumph TR too"! Now, if they gave it back to Karmann and asked them to restyle the last year ('76) TR6 and put a Ratco frame in it with a supercharged straight six engine and doors that don't rattle that might be something to get really excited about. Anybody called Karmann on this yet?

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

Come on you guys...why are you bashing that the "next generation" TRIUMPH does not look like an old 1970 car. The name is being brought back and put on a modern day car. The TRIUMPH of today does not have to look like a TR6 ( note none of us have said TR7 or 8). Is this not a compliment to the marque just the same as the Mini. So what that BMW owns the Mini. It is a very nice car and some day will be a classic on its own. I am glad to see that the TR model may be brought back to life. I would never expect it to look like a TR6. It does have to evolve just like a TR3 does not look like a TR6.
We should all be saying " it is about time"!
I agree with you Marcello.
Rick Crawford

I agree, the history can not be repeated nor can the looks. But, if the Beatles were around today they wouldn't be with shaggy hair cuts singing "she loves me do" Come on folks. If you want the old TR you also get Lucas, Control arms issues....evolution is also about innovation and yes trendy marketing demographics. I know for a fact the some of you might not like or enjoy change, but I am 100% sure this conversation took place when the Germain TR6 came in with it's looks after all the Italian TR4 look.
History repeats it self,. or in other words "the more that things change the more they stay the same"

Does anyone know where this new Triumph will be built?

I was in Switzerland last summer and I saw a Triumph, it was BR-Green/Black leather inside and honestly it could have been any name on this car it really did not remind me of a Triumph. The Mini kept similar lines, and it has character !

Cheers, LT
L.T. Tawil

Sorry to come off so negative on the new TR and it's nice to see the marque revived but I just don't like this version and as far as not looking like a TR6... it could. Brian Horne's beautiful TR6 is a little more modern yet classic. Take Brian's car a little further down the styling road and you've got a TR6 for the new millennium. Geez, I hope they don't update the TR7! If somebody like Karmann got hold of the 6 again it would probably be an awesome makeover. MG did it a few years ago and it looks like a "B" but is just a tad different. Anyway, I am definitely in favor of a new Triumph, but just hope it's not a reworked Solstice. Those of us who own the real thing can afford to be a little smug. My neighbor bought a new Miata last week and asked me why I wouldn't sink the $$ from the TR6 into something more modern like the Miata, which handles better and is quicker. How can one explain why the TR6 just grabs you? It is the ballsiest looking sports car ever built. Marcello; what's wrong with Lucas?? :)

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

Whats wrong with Lucas?
Well it made Mr. Masters real busy.

This thread was discussed between 10/10/2007 and 14/10/2007

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