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Triumph TR6 - A SAD TR6

Les sent me these pictures ...this is one sad looking TR6..poor thing I bet it would love to meet one of us !


Charlie B.

A stretched front end no less... Now I've seen everything!

I saw pic's, while ago, of a TR6 that was split lengthwise down the middle and I think about 6 inches were added to make the car wider. Interesting idea but I didn't see any follow up pic's showing actual success.
HP Henry Patterson

They also ran the exhaust along the side, like a vette or Cobra

Fun little rat rod. Probably had a front end collision and made the best(?) of it. Some clamshell fenders and a split down the middle hood, etc. could make it better. Ala Arkley midget or similar.

I have seen it for sale on eBay. Ugly thing.
Eric de Lange

the project is call TR6+6, you can find out at

Paddy Kan

This thread was discussed between 28/07/2007 and 31/07/2007

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