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Triumph TR6 - Accelerator pedal

This falls into the category of a really dumb question, but it's certainly not my first, nor likely my last. Does/did the accelerator pedal ever have a rubber cover like the brake and clutch pedals? I've not seen one on any parts list and it's been way too long since I had a TR before to remember if the pedal was bare metal. Thanks.
D R Baker


No, the accelerator does not have a cover. The reason is for safety, so your foot can side easily off the accelerator and over to the brake.

Doug Campbell


Ditto Doug's comment. Funny thing is that when I got the TR6 this year & had it inspected for license & registration the guy wasn't going to pass it 'cause "the rubber pad is missing off your accelerator, buddy." I couldn't convince him otherwise so had to go home & bring back the shop manual to prove it didn't have one. My TR4A also had the same pedal. Makes perfect sense to have it bare metal doesn't it?

A.R. Evans

This thread was discussed between 09/09/2004 and 10/09/2004

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