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Triumph TR6 - Acetone as a fuel additive

I'm just starting this to see what people say.
A few friends, non Triumph drivers, are telling me that they have read about this on the web as a way to obtain better gas mileage and performance. The claims are 0 to 15% mileage improvement. I don't believe the big numbers, but have been told by those that have tried it that some improvement in both areas are factual.
The layman's version of this is that it helps the fuel ignition and burns more of it for each explosion, therefore more power, less fuel used to get where your going.
Lots of technical data on the web if you want to load up on it.
I think the recommendation is for 2 oz per 10 gallons.
Also, it's supposed to provide the maximum benefit for non fuel injected cars.

Anybody got a comment?

Walter Dobbins

Yes it will work but remember you are diluting the OIL and this will incure rapid cylinder wear and cause untold damage. You cannot own a classic and cut corners!!!! Dont be cheap! treat it like an investment and drive it like you stole it!
Clive P

I'm no expert, but it wouldn't surprise me to find that there's already acetone in our present fuels. And I don't want to be pouring lacquer thinner into my tank every fill, any more than I want to be adding octane booster or lead substitute.

Wouldn't the cost of the additive negate the better milage?
Don from Jersey

One of the things I read was that the acetone decreased the surface tension of the petrol which in turn resulted in better atomization. The increase in efficiency was due to the better "burn". I'm more worried about the effect on the fuel pump diaphragm and any old rubber fuel line that hasn't been replaced, and what would happen if some spilled on the paint when adding it....
Brent B

There are plenty of fuel additive recipes out there, none of which make economic sense in the volumes needed to make a performance difference. Have you priced acetone lately at Home Depot or Lowes? I too would be concerned about compatibility issues with acetone. I would think a better source of oxygen would be methanol.

I like the recent ads for Gumout or something similar that says it contains jet fuel. Must be good stuff, huh? Pulease, most of us know that jet fuel is simply kerosene! Do you wanna pay a few bucks for 12 oz of kerosene?
Rick Orthen

Depends upon the jet fuel.........some is mostly kerosene, but others are mostly naptha. Either way you look at it the high price does not make up for the increased mileage ( and possibly screwing up your pump or other parts.)
Mitch Smith

Speaking of additives, I was watching speed channel (two guys garage) and they came on and discussed these additives..

they were sceptical at first but actually tested oil temps etc and found these addtives made a difference, especially in lowering oil temp but also in gaining a tad mode HP and mileage.

Any other opinions out there (i am sure they were sceptical but also paid to who's the pessimist!)

also curious if anyone has tried the Royal Purple Synthetic Oil?

Bob Craske

Car Talk, featuring click and clack, the tappet brothers, has a column in our Saturday auto section of the newspaper. They also have a website and radio show on public radio.

They talked in their usual candid humorous way about acetone as an additive in yesterday's column. A couple of itmes of interest that they mentioned:

Acetone is a strong solvent, it will melt your fuel filler pipe if it is plastic. It will eat the paint around your fuel filler if you spill it.

2 good reasons to avoid it.

Oh, yeah. They talked to fuel experts that said it does nothing to improve mileage or anything else.

We just want to believe so badly... Maybe we can find a Fish carb to put on. Or a vortex fan in the intake. Or magnets around the fuel lines.

I always thought that the two guys garage show on the speed channel was a little lame. My thoughts where confirmed when they promoted the vortex gizmo.
You will not see me adding acetone to my car.
The interesting point about octane boost is that they advertise an increase of 5 points in octane...yes it is 5 points...they do not say it is .5 points.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Like as in .05 of an octane number? Reminds me of paying points on your mortgage. Sounds better than "we're ripping you off a few percent of your loan value to pay for our Lexus"

Yes as in .5 RON
Amazing how they can get away with this.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 27/12/2005 and 25/01/2006

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