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Triumph TR6 - Add OD to a non-OD car

Hello Gents,
The weather is warming here in the Great White North and dreams of sporty top down driving are becoming a reality. That said regular gas is up to $1.14 per liter. It's time to add overdrive.
I found on the interweb, they have a "complete" rebuilt tranny with od for what appears to be a reasonable price. Has anyone used their services? What was the result?
Heres a question for you guys that have done this conversion. Consider the text in the website, what else did you need? Shortened driveshaft, U joints etc..??
This weekend, May 19th, is the Van Dusen gardens All British Field Meet in Vancouver BC. Big turnout, gorgeous surroundings. My Six and I will be making the trek from Calgary. I hope to see some of the board members there.
Steve Crosby

Steve- Quantum is a great company with a lot of happy customers on other forums. They also build a 5 speed using a British Ford trans that is also very nice. The od trans is probably a J type and you just need the od mounts can be a problem. they must include them with the trans .

I might be going maybe ,maybe not. haven't made the trek in a couple of years with 2 kids in ball. This year no games scheduled.

First off you will not regret going with OD. I do not think it makes major difference in gas mileage but sure is different when I flip of the OD to see how the other half of the world lives....can not imagine NOT having OD!!!
I think there is better choices for OD conversion though. You would have to be under $1G for this to be a good price.
Rick Crawford

I bought an rebuilt tranny plus J-Type for my TR6 from an eBay supplier. It took me a while to sort it out (I had to do the tranny again because it kept popping out of 3rd), but now that it's operating properly, it's a dream to have in the car. On the highway, the car now has legs and you feel you can go forever at 2400 RPM. Even more, I especially love 3rd OD - especially on slower, hilly back roads.

In terms of a supplier, pay more and go for a reputable supplier that will stand behind their product. I would be surprised if you could get a decent rebuilt tranny/OD for under $1500 US.

1973 TR6
B. Lanoway


Forgive my ignorance on Manitoba geography but "hilly" back roads?

Isn't Manitoba the entrance to the Prairies? ;->
Michael Petryschuk


Everything is relative. Brian could be referring to the overpasses and gentle curves on the perimeter highway around Winnipeg.

There are some elevation and direction changes in Sandiland (SW of Winnipeg) where they used to run the "Trail of the Bison" rally, but a rally car would be much more suitable than a TR6.

Leonard G Middleton

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