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Triumph TR6 - ADJ. rear brake

Hi All
As You can see, I am getting "cabin fever" waiting for spring.
I read tip on adjusting rear brakes in the VTR maintenance handbook. It talkes about traditional way of on jack stands, spin the wheel, adjust the shoes.It says this does not adjust front shoe. Writer says to do this: Car on jack stands, pull hand brake up 3 or 4 clicks then adjust each side till adj. is snug. This, he writes, adjusts the front shoe also. I think as soon as I pull hand brake up 3-4 clicks I already will be snug! Should I first "loosen" adj. then do procedure? OH YA,,, Does CW tighten/push out the adjuster? ( whoever answers this spends way to much time under the car:)Has anyone done this? Any comments or tips appreciated.
Rick C.
Rick Crawford

To me, one of the principal advantages of the handbrake "preload" maneuver is that you don't have to raise the rear off the ground. Just do the 3-click preload, make a tight adjustment to both sides, and release the handbrake. For peace of mind, I push the car by hand to make sure there isn't any binding. Don't remember the tightening direction; however, you'll know within 3 or 4 turns of the wrench.
Rick Orthen

One piece of advice, put a couple of drops of penetrating oil on to the threads of the adjuster as they are usually seized. The metal of the housing (and I believe the adjuster) is 'white' metal and although hard, it is very brittle and can snap, and when this happens you are out $40 or more.

Hey Rick one cure for the 'fever' is to take the car out for a spin and with it getting to 11*c this coming weekend in Toronto it is what the Dr ordered.

Hi all
Thanks for the good advice. Put her up on stands and went under for a look. She has 600miles on her since full restore and just wanted to check all nuts and bolts for tight....found one finger loose nut on the rear shock link assembly. Did adjustment with wheels off ..had to go to 4 clicks of hand brake.FYI..when looking at the rear drum (sitting on cold floor beside car)CCW rotation using 1/4" open end wrench tightens so yes, CW turn of it tightens when viewed dead on. Glad I did this as was out of adjustment. Steven, will get the oil can out and lube the adjusters...good point. I will pass on the 10*c drive as I "fogged" the engine and will wait another month..unbeleivable weather..who says we do not have global warming!! Will be content with watching my video of buddy and I in the 6 and him doing a drive by shooting :) Ya gotta love the sound of our cars!! Have fun on your cold little drive!
Thanks again. Rick C
Rick Crawford

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