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Triumph TR6 - Aftermarket air cleaners

I just put a set on from Moss and it's popping pretty good on down and up shifts. I guess I need to adjust the air fuel mix richer? Anyone have any experiance with going from stock to aftermarket?
JT White

because the free flow air filters allow more air into the carbs at anyone time, you should richen the mixture slightly. I use the gunson colortune which I find pretty good at adjusting mixture. Don't expect a noticeable difference, because tuning an engine is a series of modifications you should perform. Assuming your head is a stock one, i,e no porting or gas flowing, with the new filters you are trying to introduce more air and fuel into the cylinders to increase power. This will nor work however because you have changed only the first step for better breathing.If you want to go the whole way, you should port the head,match the manifold to the head and put a free flow exhaust,since you need to extract the burned mixture more efficiently than before.
Kypros Christodoulides

It was the oil in the dash pots not the mix, all is well now!
JT White

This thread was discussed between 07/09/2013 and 17/09/2013

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