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Triumph TR6 - Air Cleaners

Beginning to straighten out the engine on my '71 TR6. I need to replace the air filters in the standard cleaner, and noticed the Longflo units with the reusable foam listed in VB catalogs. They claim better performance, and the idea of not needed to buy antique replacements down the road for paper filters has some appeal. What do you guys think? Also, any opinions/issues regarding the oval vs round models?
Mark Hauser

Hi Mark. Guess I'm a bit conservative, but I would think again before using products claiming increased erformance. Of course the foam flows better than paper, but at a price of more dirt entering the cylinders. Assuming you are a stocker in both form and driving habit, my advice is to stay with the paper (no worry, these "antique" stock elements will be around for many years to come). If you insist, upgrade to an oiled gauze like K&N (there is also a newcomer to the gauze market, but I can't recall the name). Also consider force feeding your housing with cool air from the radiator shroud. I'm doing that now myself.

As always, IMHO.

'72 TR6
Rick Orthen

Hi Mark How ya doin?
I agree with Rick O; original style round paper filters will be around for a while yet. Consider K&N filters. Will last a life time and claim better performance while maintaining clean air. I have 222-990 on my 6 and look real sharp. To stay original cleaner go with 371-575...they are much more expensive than other non-oil types but then you have to consider the life time thing. No Idea of other supplier Rick O talkes about.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks for the comments. I think for now I will stick with the paper. Upgrade may be down the road once the car's solidly on the road. As far as the cleaner assembly, based on your responses I now realize I'm missing the two hoses from the cleaner to the shroud that show in the Haynes manual, but were missing from the TRF books (or at least not on the pages I'd expect). Finally makes sense why the inlets were so small.

Thanks for the feedback. Time to buy a few parts (again).

Mark Hauser

The other gauze filter manufacturer I mentioned is at A check of their site didn't have any Triumph listings (yet) however.
Rick Orthen


I adapted Volvo 122 Stomberg 1,75 air filter many years ago. They are inexpensive filter with more papaer surface area and look great.
A cheap alternative..
Cheers, J.G.Catford
Jean G. Catford

You are not missing any hoses. There where no extra hoses attached to the 2 horns going to the shroud for 71. I do not think that any year of the NA TR6 had them on (that was carburetor setup). This is why if you look at ANY TR parts catalogue u do not see them. Maybe European bound "air breathers" had them on ( I think though, that all of Europe was PI). In 72 (CC75000-) had the 2 horns removed and just an open front face..lots of air to the front carb!! Then came Air Injection. This is the reason I went to the open K&N style..yes I am not original and would loose points, but I know both carbs get same amount of (and lots of) air (the chrome filters also look nice). I would put money on a dyno test for me having more HP. Sorry Mark, got carried away there. So yes go with the original but no hoses and u will probably want to set the carbs to the slightly lean side because of air restriction.
Have fun
P.S. Anyone know if Zimmerman (the TR6 WEB) come back on line?
Rick Crawford

Based on other feedback I received, I'm ordering a pair of aluminum flanges to attach to the rad duct. Next, a trip to Pep Boys for two lengths of 1 3/4 preheat hose. After some careful duct cuts and rivets, the the cool air induction mod will be complete.
Rick Orthen

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