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Triumph TR6 - Air Induction

I hope I'm not rekindling a discussion of 'original' vs. 'improved' when it comes to TR6 modifications. That said...

Does anyone know (or tried) running hoses from the radiator shroud to the air cleaner?

On one hand, cooler intake air ought to improve performance. On the other, why wouldn't Triumph have done it if it provided an advantage?

Any thoughts or experiences are welcome.

Thanks in advance,
EC Smith

Hi Charlie,
I have done exactly what you have mentioned (at first with my strombergs and then later with triple webers). I think that is one of the easiest and most efficient mods one can do - and no doubt about it you will gain power. I think triumph intended to do so as you may have noticed at least on some years- some of the air cleaner housings have two air inlet tubes bosses built in and its simply a matter of connecting two hoses and routing them to the front. Perhaps triumph wanted to save a buck, perhaps its emission related.

Michael is prezactly right.

In fact, that's the very basic premise for newer cars inducting cooler, outside air into the intake tract.

Cooler air is more dense, therefore it promotes more complete combustion and better performance. The more oxygen molecules the better.

So there.

Jim (usually quite well inducted, thank you)
Jim Deatsch

Charlie--I did the mod on my '72. Get an early air filter housing with the twin snouts and run two hoses through the shroud. The hose I bought at Pep Boys was the black paper/aluminum type used on carb cars for ducting warm air to the air cleaner intake. For a cleaner install through the rad shroud, I bought two aluminum duct flanges from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty ( and riveted them in place on the shroud.

Has worked fine for a couple of years now.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Of course, my set-up is a bit different. With triple ZS's I didn't opt for a box that would have scrapped the K&N's, so I just ran 4" duct from the shroud to the first air filter. The thinking is that at at speed cooler air will flow in the region between the wheel well and the filters and displace hot air from the radiator/manifolds. While it doesn't have the "ram air" effect at higher speeds, it still provides cooler air to the carbs. Since I'm not a racer that suits me.

Brent B

Charlie, check out this site for some neat TR6 stuff including a fresh air intake system-
w Holtzclaw

Just for info, all the petrol injected models (TR's and sedans) have a single inlet manifold airbox which is connected via 3" (I.D.) flexi ducting to a 6" diameter air filter canister located in front of, and to the right of the radiator.
The radiator shroud for PI engines is cut around the canister and the inlet tubes feeding the air into it point towards the front grille.
Roger H

Cold air induction also reduces the octane requirement. Hence turbocharged / supercharded cars using intercoolers to try to reduce the inlet temperatures.

Certainly something to consider if you are running a higher than normal CR, or running in a hot area.

LG Middleton

Before you even get serious about cool ram air, the first thing to do is clamp off the manifold heating line. Works good in the summer, but our Canadian friends may want that warmth during those cold Winter drives for good vaporization/atomization.
Brent B

So THAT'S why that pipe runs under the intake. I get it now. <G>

Jim Deatsch

This thread was discussed between 25/09/2003 and 28/09/2003

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