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Triumph TR6 - Alfin rear hubs

Where does one get Alfin rear wheel hubs in the US?

Bob - Coral Gables
R Schaffer

Hi Bob,
I've done a couple of searchs and only finding Alfin
drums. I would like to replace my hubs since viewing
a scary piece of footage of a Triumph rear hub failure
at speed, the guy was lucky to walk away. I try another source and get back to you.
Christopher Trace

I think Georgia Steve is the authority on this type of retro. I think he has discussed different modifications in the past. An interesting subject to me,and something I want to explore 1 day.Bob,one thing,be ready to open your wallet.
Don K

The "Alfin (i.e. aluminum finned)" items are brake drums that mount to the hubs. The hub assembly (housing, bearings, spacers, flange, outer stub axle) is a very different animal. First, let's assume that you actually mean the finned aluminum brake drums. Roadster and Moss have supplied them in the past. The Roadster part number is TRFCD63, count on spending a couple of hundred for a pair, maybe less right now since it is winter parts sale time. Then there is the modified Datsun 240Z route. On to the 240Z route, you have to make some modifications, enlarge the center bore, cut awy the groove to fit the TR backing plate and in some cases narrow the steel braking surface. Probably better off to go the Roadster route by the time you do all the fiddling.

If you are talking about rear hubs and half shafts, now you are talking real money. Racers have used modified Corvair rear hubs and half shafts, modified Mercedes units, etc. None of these are inexpensive, plus the people that I knew of that had been doing these don't do them anymore. Perhaps the best on the market right now are the modifications of the units developed by GKN with CV joints for the Ford Group B rally cars in the eighties. Again, you must be prepared to spend some real money. They run about 1200 a pair plus a core charge. Moss Europe sells these type. Revington TR has another type that is an improvement on the stock units, not as high as the GKN units but plenty high enough to get your attention. I also want to say that Racestorations has their version too.

The internal problem to the hub is the outer stub axle. It has some pretty bad stress risers that are inherent to the design. In addition to that, there is the trailing arm stud issue. Let those six studs get stripped and/or corrode and it is all over but the crying. Why they ever designed something that had fine threaded fasteners threaded directly into a soft aluminum casting is beyond me. Bad design and poor corrosion control at a dissmilar metal interface that is critical to safety, I can only hope they washed behind their ears upon extracting their head.........

Bob I would go to Carbotech Engineering in Ft. Lauderdale for anything related to brakes, they are excellent and can supply the finned aluminium 240z drums and also any pads or lining materials. I don't remember the owners name but his wife Debby is also a real expert. 954-493-9669.

Steve has covered the hubs in his comment, I would add that uprated driveshafts with stronger u-joints are available from one of the main British suppliers, Halfords, Cambridge or Revington, I forget which, at reasonable cost. Either search on internet or buy a classic magazine to find the ad.
Good luck, Simon.
Simon Rasmussen

This thread was discussed between 06/03/2005 and 08/03/2005

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