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Triumph TR6 - alternator replacement

I have scoured the archives and read up on this subject several places but still have a few questions for anyone out there who has made this modification

I have found a GM 55 amp (7127) on e bay (same model as Dan Masters describes in his book), also a 96 amp delco. No luck finding the 55amp Bosch (ford fiesta)

so has anyone done the GM route and what mods were needed?
Is 96 amp a tad overkill (listed as a straightforward swap out, typical of MGB's but also for triumphs)
anyone know where i can find the bosch 55amp?

I run a powerful stereo, driving lamps etc, so think the enemic LUCAS 30ish amperage is a tad low for my purposes.




Bob Craske

Hi Bob, I was under the impression, mistaken or otherwise , that the late models had an alternator output in the 45 amp catagory. I am hoping to keep my 76-6 original but like you I have driving lights and a sterio going in it. BTW, what is your com.#?
com. CF 57639 UO
Rob Gibbs


Mine is CF53011U

i had to rebuild this from scratch so some parts, though oem are not specific to the year, mine is the LUCAS 18 ACR (id line states 12V-037 which i take to be a 37 amp alternator?)

I did have it rebuilt sometime ago but now cant remeber is output...duh

i would like to add electronic fan so thought perhaps i was starting to push my luck with this alternator and so many folks have endorsed the Bosch unit..

just toying with the idea, its a long winter and i need projects:-)

Bob Craske

Hi Bob, Need something to do... how about scraping tar off the inside of my fenders... only three to go! Qualicum is pretty nice to visit even in the winter... :o) A little off topic but does that com.# make your car a June '76 model?
Cheers, Rob
Rob Gibbs

built 2 february 06, shipped to NA (montreal PQ) in April 06.

next time i am coming to BC for business I ll drop you a line, come stare at your car over a wobbly pop and wait for Ontario winter to end!

I ve decided to go the BOSCH (60 amp) route as per every thread recommendation on the BBS

did you look at your alternator and check out its part number?, is it 18acr?
Bob Craske

Hi Bob,

I am sure it is an 18acr... I seem to remember polishing the aluminum tag. The car is stored 40 miles away until I get a garden shed completed.. so I can clean out the garage... so i can move my car home... so i can finish the tub... so i can paint those body parts... so i can fit those body parts... so I can replace the body on the chassis...I have til June '07 to complete this thing, my daughter's graduation. If you can make it to the island please give me a call... I'm in the book. The Bosch make over seems the way to go... wonder if some ingenious machining would allow the guts of the Bosch be placed inside of the Lucas body... keep it stock looking but performing better?

Cheers to you Bob,
Rob Gibbs

NO reason what so ever to stay with the Prince of Darkness. Please get in touch w/ Dan and have him send you the info. It's on the web if you google it and spend some time weeding through all the crap that also comes up. Contact Rod Nichols about his switch to the Bosch unit. You will wonder why it took so long to part with that low amp Lucas unit.


If you are in need of some spec's for the Lucus alternator types, there are several around, try this link

Erik Creyghton

The Bosch unit itself is not that hard to find. The trick is to find one that is supplied with the fan and pulley. Some sources supply them that way, others do not. Trying to get them through Ford is pretty much a lost cause as they are no longer supplied (and haven't been for several years now).

You can also try junk yarding for a complete core and have it rebuilt or use it as the source for the fan and pulley.

Steve P is absolutely right! The Bosch unit (or parts for it) is not serviced through Ford, period. Even the local Bosch distributor states no availability for the alternator or the fan and pulley. I bought mine from Don K, and when it got here, I had the old one off and the new one on in about 5 minutes! It's a bolt-on, plug in replacement. And it WORKS!!!! If you hunt for one, specify it has to have a pulley, or you'll be looking in salvage yard core piles.
Maybe the easiest and best upgrade I did to the car; but could that be the best because it was the easiest?!?!?! Whether you choose the Bosch or the Delco, it's a good upgrade to do!
Rod Nichols

Hello all, just to say to Bob Craske of Ontario. My 76-6 com# is CF53018U. Kinda close.Almost twins.
B.J. Wolfer

the saga continues..the bosch unit i thought i had lined up was not available in Carolina since the business was no longer open though their web site was!

so started a new search and found three sources but descriptions are all over the place

1: global4parts is number AL119x..Reman. Repl.; 55 Amps Bosch System, Plug Config. B15, Inter. Reg or..

A-668 [Reman Alternator] Bosch Unit; 12 Volt, Amp: 55; Design: IR/EF; Pulley: 1V; Clock: 5:00

2: has a 55 amp bosch for fiesta listed as 31107 and another listed as 13107???

3: autoparts warehouse has a bosch listed as part 1100111 Alternator 62amp - New F4000-162140 which as pictured looks correct, but its amperage is 62 not 55?

the other choice is the AC delco GM 7127..

again, part numbers and descripions are killing me.

7127-3? is the common listed part number but its described as 63 amp,not 55 as per bbs listing and dan m's book

can someone please confirm the part numbers for the bosch and gm units and if you know of a source, let me know..please!



Bob Craske

The Bosch alternator was also used on the 1976 VW Rabbit in addition to the Ford Fiesta (with A/C & rear window defogger). Reference numbers are: 120 489 244, D8RZ-10346-AX, AL119X, NAPA AL86X BSH, AutoZone 13107l.

The Delco GM #7127 (NAPA #213-4011) will work. Many outputs are available as well as connection locations. Slight grinding modification to rear side of pivot is required for this. Need to look at the back of the Delco and compare with your sockets.
Rick Orthen

This thread was discussed between 10/12/2005 and 15/12/2005

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