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Triumph TR6 - alternators

Would lie a little more power from the alternator.
think mine is about 35amp?? 1970 TR6
how much is too much? have noticed a few out there
offering about 60amps. Other than having the correct
connections what else should I be wary of??
Ian Kinaid

Ian, I just bought a 60 amp bosch alternator from a source I found on ebay very nice piece fits the plug on my 72 without any mods I think Jim D uses this also if you are interested email me and I will send you contact info for him very good guy to deal with.
Regards, Keith
Keith Dixon

I too got one of the alternators from the guy on ebay. Turns out, he was only about 35 miles away and delivered it! Hows that for service??!!
Gene Holtzclaw

Gene, The source I used was Paul Willis A&E auto electric is he one and the same. I would have provided a link to the page but as of today he has nothing up for auction, Nice guy to deal with got it in about 5 days.
Keith Dixon

That was him. He had a doctor's appointment in my town the day after I had contacted him about my need and he brought it to me. I am doing the supercharger project with a serpintine belt system and needed a Mercedes pulley on the Bosch alt, and he had that in stock as well. put it together, brought it the next day, then contacted me via e-mail thanking me for my purchase and gave me his e-mail address that I could keep him posted on my progress. Very rare kinda customer service these days. BTW, I am running the Bosch now with the stock pulley on my stock engine, and can not imagine going back to the 35 amp Lucas.
Gene Holtzclaw

Hi everyone,

Can a 60 amp alternator be used without any risks ? Just replace my 36 amp for a 60 amp ? What are the greatest benefits ? (my bosch 36 amp/rebuilt works fine)

Eric / 72-TR6
Eric de Lange

I fitted one to my Tr6 from a early nineties British Ford Granada, which may be availble in scrapyards in Holland.The alternater kicks out 60 amps,I had to change the adjusting bracket and use a thinner belt.

The advantages of using a higher output alternater are that with everything electrical circuit on,including bosch pump and electric fan,is that the alternatner will still be charging


I thought I would add this as already discussed Paul is a good guy with fair prices. Feel free to e-mail him at You can use my name or mention he was recomended from this BBS. His ebay feedback is 100% positive, and my personal is the same.
Regards, Keith

EBAY signature is autoexp
Keith Dixon

there is a _ between his names ie:paul_willis
sorry Keith
Keith Dixon

In response to Eric- My Lucas was working fine but when idleing, my flashers would slow down greatly and at night they would stop altogether sometimes. I checked my output with a voltmeter and I would get as low as 10.7 volts with everything on. Never had a dead battery though. Now, with the Bosch, I can turn everything on, fan on high, flashers, headlights on high beam,ect.ect., and not get below 13.2 volts.
Gene Holtzclaw

Just finished bolting up my new alternator, very easy reused the stock mounting hardware except for the top adjustment/lock bolt needed a new one here. All brackets fit as with stock nothing needed to be adjusted or fabricated nice piece. Also went for a 15 mile blast to clear it out nice to drive even if it was 15F here. (stayed out of the sandy/salty spots)
Regards, Keith
Keith Dixon

Has anyone give any thought to beefing up the alternator cables to cope with the extra current or do you think the standard ones are OK ?
R. Algie

Also, wouldn't it affect your fuses and/or voltage regulator to be pumping out 60 amps on a system designed for less? John.
JL Bryan

Have a 1973 TR6. Is the 60 amp Bosch alternator the one numbered F4000-51820 ?
R Schaffer

Mr. Shaffer,

I don't know the exact Bosch number but I can tell you this:

Get thee to your local auto parts store and buy an alternator for a 78-80 Ford Fiesta. It will be the exact device you need for your 73.

It's what I put on my 73 and it works ducky.

Hope this helps,

Jim Deatsch

Thank you Jim. I see I am listed as a non-member. What is the organization and how does one become a member?

Bob Schaffer
R Schaffer

Go to :-

Click on Triumph on the right hand menu

Then on the next page, click on "To register, click here".

The advantage of being a member is that you will have access to the archives. Maybe the question you want to ask was already answered a while ago.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A, Montreal, Canada
Don Elliott

Has anyone made the swap from the 35 amp Delco unit to the Bosch? My Delco has 4 wires paired in 2 plugs as follows: "+", "-", "BAT", and "IND". Is the Bosch grounded through the case?


Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

Rick O.- Somebody has a website on switching to the delco unit. It may be Reidel but I just can't remember.
Don K.

Here is a link to a useful site that talks about changing out alternators and some of the things one should know about.

Seems to me one of the more important items is to beef up the wiring on the output side of the alternator. Last thing I'd want is to have the 60 amp output overload the wiring designed to handle 35 amps!! Have a read its pretty well done.


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