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Triumph TR6 - An oil leak? Never!

My car keeps finding new places to leak oil from!

Has anyone had an oil leak here? The right side differential between the flanges were the half shaft bolts up. Not by the diff. were the seal is (thats nice and dry), but actually right between the two flanges near the U-joint, or maybe from the nut were the inner flange fits on the stub axle from the diff. Does this indicate some major malfunction. The left side leaks were you would expect it to, between the seal retainer that bolts to the diff, and the rotating stub axle flange (the area by the u-joint were the half shaft bolts up is nice and dry).
C Wiebe

You sure that's not oil "blown back" from up front?
Brent B

You can actually see all around underneath where the oil was flung from the flange onto the frame, underbody, and exhaust, all in line with the flange. Also the oil drips directly on to the ground from that location when the car is still.
Chris Wiebe

Chris - I think the Catholic church needs to hear about this!!! You could make a lot of money if this was to get out, but then there would also be those queues that would go for miles......on second thoughts....nah .... keep it quiet.

I have not actually taken my diff apart (had it done by others), but the exploded diagrams in the parts manual show the inner axle (in diff) connects the oil filled chamber to the flange. If the clearances were out, the taper or keyway/key on the shaft was damaged or the flange nyloc nut loose, you could have oil travelling along the shaft, particularly if the diff was overfilled. First step would be to see if the flange retaining nut is loose. I would tighten with a dob of gasket goo / sealant behind the washer.

Roger H

From the description Chris your shock is leaking at the arm or may be just a plug O ring or loose. Get her up on stands crawl under and with a light look up above in straight line. Unit pumps from reservoir so you may want to top up while your under.


Bill Brayford

hey Bill - you're going to have to watch that jungle juice!! - I think you may have cross threaded something!!

(watch out for that goose!!) Rog
Roger H

This thread was discussed between 06/02/2004 and 09/02/2004

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