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Triumph TR6 - Another Clutch Slave Question

Hi Folks:
The TR6 is finally running now for about a month and I'm sorting out the small problems with the new engine and components. The clutch master and slave were stored in my unheated shed for about two years prior to the reassembly. Both the slave and the master were new in 2011 with the master being the big-bore .75" version. I remember the rubber cap occasionally blowing off the slave and attributed it to the extra pressure created by the big-bore master but experienced no leaks or performance issues. Now, however, the slave is leaking and I have bled it several times; okay for awhile and then loses pressure and the clutch grabs low on the floor. Question(s): should I try a new slave kit or, try a different hole on the rod for the slave attachment? Unfortunately, I don't remember which of the three adjustment holes I was using previously. Any help would be appreciated as always. Came across an envelope yesterday with Rick Crawford's name and return address in the top left corner. I remembered that he had sent me some wiring diagrams several years ago - hard to believe he is gone.
P.S. New engine has a steady 80 lbs oil pressure - so happy with that as I've never seen the needle on that side of the gauge :>)
Bob Evans

Hi Bob

Trying a new hole will not stop a leaking slave cylinder. You could try a new kit but hone the cylinder first. Best cure is get the slave cylinder re sleaved in stainless steel.

C J Norcott

Hi Colin:
You're probably right about the hole position but I was trying to cover all possibilities. One or two of the three might increase pressure based on pedal travel, causing the rod to ram the piston too aggressively but it's likely a leak issue as you've said. I've been driving TR's since '72 so I try to cover all the bases when asking for advice, which I greatly appreciate when I get it so thanks for your input. I just may invest in a kit to repair the slave and if that doesn't work I'll likely order a new slave. Thanks for the comments.
Bob Evans

I agree with Colin Bob

If it is leaking - probably will need new seals/ O-rings. Particularly if, even though it is new, you had it sitting with brake fluid in it for a couple of years.

I guess you can check if the current hole you are using allows the piston in the slave to travel so far that it is partially coming out and fluid leaking around it at that time
Michael Petryschuk

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