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Triumph TR6 - Any Advice

Hey guys,

I had a 76 TR6 when I was 21 and it was stolen. I had it just under a year. I was crushed. Anyway I was telling a friend in NY and his bosses daughter just happens to have a 69 TR6 she wants to sell. I found about it a couple of years ago. It is suposedly in very good condition, with 50,ooo or so miles on it. She is the original owner, it has always been garaged.
At the time she wanted $10,000 for it. It was to much for me then, I had just bought a new condo.

Well she needs to sell it now because her Dad needs his garage space. My friend said he was able to talk her down to 7,500 now. The tach does not work, other wise it is in great shape. She just had it painted and new tires put on it.

A mechanic here in town told me she was asking way to much. He said I could probably get one cheaper here and for the $945 it would cost me to transport it across the country I could put that money into the car I find here. He also said that being it has been in NY all these years it is likely to have a rust problem.
He also mentioned that they are not the type of cars that do well just going out for a Sunday drive, so if thats been how she has been using it and those were my plans which they are not, its probably not a good idea.

Just wondering if any of you could offer me any words of advice. I am planning on having my friend take it for a drive it and have a mechanic check it out.

Am I potentially entering into an endless money pit?

How hard will it be to get repaired when something goes wrong?

I have never had a little classic car before.

Thanks so much for your help,



I am an MG guy, so I can't speak specifically about a '69 TR6, but British cars are a lot alike, and I have friends with TR6's,so here goes. These cars do better when run on a regular basis. If this car hasn't been run in a while, you could be looking at some potential engine leaks and electrical gremlins. I live where rust is not a factor, but, I bought a '67 Datsun Roadster from a guy near Albany, NY. The rust was unbelievable. The salt and slag they apply on the roads during the winter are deadly to cars. I would try to get a British Car mechanic to look car over before buying. I would tend to agree that you could probably find the same thing on the west coast for less $$. Don't be afraid of these cars, they are a blast to drive and own. Just find as much history out about the car before you buy. Also, british mechanics are all over the place, you just have to find'em.

Hope this helps,

'54 mgtf
'77 midget
Steve Propst

Watch out for rust. NY sounds salty to me , and if the car has had no antirust treatment apart from factory gunge, then it will be badly rusted. Rust can be dangerous. I have seen TR6s 20 years ago with the front chassis frame rusted away allowing the rearmost front suspension wishbone to dangle in the air- when the owner drove backeard the front wheel ored in by itself) Beware! The list of places to look for rust is long...
Peter Cobbold

I just purchased 74 TR 6 in good condition for just over $5000 here in Kansas. I also lived in upstate NY for one winter (driving a TR 4). Rust can be a major problem on a car from that part of the country. Check it out before you buy.
John Korsak

This thread was discussed between 06/05/2001 and 17/05/2001

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