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Triumph TR6 - Apple Hydraulics?

Anyone out there in have any experience dealing with Apple Hydraulics? I am curious about their rebuilt and upgraded rear shocks for the TR4A IRS through TR6. How are their parts and how is their service? Opinions/thoughts sought.

Steve - I sent Apple an old master cylinder for my TR3A (it's an early TR3A with master cylinders like the TR3 - not like the later TR3A's which are still available new) and which I wanted them to sleeve for me so my TR would be accurate in concours judging.

They did the job and sent it to me. It looked fine. But the piston would not go into the new brass sleeve that they had inserted. Luckily, I have a neighbor who has access to reamers and he brought one home for me to use. Apple had forgotten to (or don't) ream the new insert sleeve to be round and to the correct bore diameter.

Since reaming out the master cylinder 18 months ago, I've had no problem during 18,000 miles of TR driving.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott


I bought a rebuilt TR6 master cylinder from them. Came quickly, works fine, I would buy there again.

Tom K
Tom Kincaid

This thread was discussed between 04/12/2001 and 13/12/2001

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