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Triumph TR6 - Are the Older Archives Still There ?

I see the same questions coming back when newer members get on. I have tried the "Search" and for a simple input like "parking lights", I get about 20 threads which ahve nothing to do with my search. And I know I subnmitted an answer on this topic about six months ago. Have the "Archives" been deleted ?

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

I do not think they have been deleted. I did a test search on "clutch" and a lot of extra threads totally unrelated....ummm...lack of sufistication of the search engine?? It did come back with threads that had "clutch" in the title. Maybe we need to be very word specific in our might be helpfull to us all in the future.
It is good to have a lot more TR owners on the BBS now. (notice I did not put a number after TR..but then we know who you are:)
Over the past few years, I do not think there is a subject that has not been discussed on this BBS. So for you new guys, register at this site ( so you have permission to go to the archives years/pages) and do a search on your might find your answer there and probably a little more related info as well. I find it interesting once in a while to go back and just read some of the threads.
Do not get me wrong..I know the whole purpose of this board is to ask a question and get an answer. There are many topics which have been discussed to death. A good example is: What size of tyres for my TR? (alright, who wants to start a lottery on this one)? I say next April.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 24/10/2002 and 26/10/2002

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