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Triumph TR6 - Are TRF, LBC, MOSS parts the same?

After a number of years of feeling too poor to replace some stuff on my TR6, I have a little bit of spare money to throw at it.

A new windshield (the old one is all scratched up) and new seat covers are first, then some other stuff. And my water pump is leaking a bit, so I will probably replace that. I'll do the carpets after this bit of work, but it might not be for a few months.

The seats were recovered by someone in pretty cheap vinyl and don't look very nice. The insides were pretty ratty last time I looked, so I'm going to replace the foams too. The seat backs were the only thing that gave me problems when I took the seats apart to see how bad they were years ago and got a guy to just replace the foam with something that would get me a few years.

Do TRF, LBC, MOSS and British Victoria all have the same levels of quality? 6 or 7 years ago, when I first got the car, I concluded TRF was better than Moss. For seat covers and windshield, is there any difference? And if not, is there any reason to use one or the other except for price?

Thanks as always. My car will appreciate it!
John Bryan

Hello John,

I know three of them, LBC is unknown to me. I had very good experiences with all of them. But there is a but!, sometimes I experienced poor quality products from, india( filters ), springs ( viet-nam) or chrome parts and interior light (china). And it is mainly because we keep alive cars that are in 40 years old. I prefer to have cheap repros than nothing.
Try to find toses parts for a Toyota Supra or Datsun 2000 or 240Z.

The best is to search for new old stock or improved repros like Sachs clutch kit from BPNW or urethane bushing, to give few examples.


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Great question John. I'll be following the responses too.

It seems that some of the resellers, like TRF for example, source product outside of Moss or make arrangements with specific manufacturers to crank out certain parts, to their specs. Moss is not in the loop in that case.

The guys I deal with at times here in Ontario buy from Moss and only Moss as far as I know. With our dollar at par vs. the US greenback it may make more sense for me to shop locally pending their mark-up. Canada Customs really hammer us when we source from the USA.


Ken Shaddock

Well, Moss and LBC's are the same as they are a Moss reseller.
I'm sure TRF and Moss have a lot of the same but TRF might have different stuff too as they have parts made for them.
I know OR. is a distance for you but British Parts NW
is also a great retailer and very knowledgeable. The owner is a past racer.

My response was incomplete in that I cannot explain the differences other than service. I might assume that on most parts they are all resellers of Moss imported parts so as you say it all comes down to price, service, and periodic sales but that may be way off. I've have great service from LBC, TRF, BPNW and three suppliers in Canada. I have no experience with Vic Brit.

Ken Shaddock


I have no experience with LBC, Moss some; VB and TRF a lot.

I can't say there is a significant difference in quality amongst the 3. I think the quality is relative. Depending upon where the company sources its parts you may find one is better for one part while another may be better in another part. Also I have never had the same part from more than one supplier in my hand at the same time to really see if a difference exists.

I think all the parts perform the intended function.

You may see signicant difference when it comes to aesthetics on things like seat covers, carpet but I can't offer any specifics.

When it came to seat covers, I had mine made by a local upholsterer from leather that I sourced to improve the chances of a good fit and a unique and pleasing appearance.
Michael Petryschuk

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