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Triumph TR6 - Automatic Transmission

Some years ago, I remember reading about a TR6, owned by a disable person, that had been converted to an automatic. I think it may have been in Eastern Canada. In any case, are there examples of such conversions? Is there an automatic box out there that is a bolt on? I may have to resort to that due to hip and knee problems.
P. E. Landry

While I don't have any first hand knowledge of any conversions, it shouldn't be that difficult and no doubt has been done before. (Heck, I've seen reports of someone putting a diesel engine in a MGB - why I don't know, but it's been done more than once!)

The MGC used a Borg Warner Type 35 automatic, as did many other vehicles of that time frame. Of course you could use a more current model from GM or Ford that was originally fitted behind a 6 cylinder rear wheel drive car. Volvo is another possiblility that springs to mind.

Rather than trying to come up with a special bellhousing to fit, I would investigate having a new rear engine plate made. It may be possible to modify the original one to work.

The torque plate (flywheel) would be the only other major hurdle to cross. Just have to make sure it is spaced out the proper distance from the back plate AND the bolt pattern to mount it to the crankshaft is the same.

I expect the starter would be used from the donor vehicle too. The driveshaft shouldn't be difficult. Either an adapter to utilize your original one, or a trip to the driveshaft shop would solve the problem.

An alternative is to use a GM 60 V6 with attendant automatic. It should be a simple motor swap. Heck, even the 90 3.8 V6 should fit.

Checking Google for "TR6 automatic", several hits appeared about using a Triumph 2500 Saloon automatic gearbox. That would be an easy bolt up conversion. Obviously they are / were available in the UK, not sure about Canada though.

Good luck,
Tom Sotomayor

This has been done in the UK using the BW 35 from a 2.5PI saloon, AFAIK it is more or less a straight bolt in job, just needs a new rear gearbox mount made, a mounting for the gearchange mechanism and a new propshaft.
R. Algie

This thread was discussed between 01/08/2008 and 12/08/2008

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