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Triumph TR6 - Back After Long Absence

I was pretty active on the BBS a long time ago and have been lurking around a bit lately. I still see a few of the old crew and want to say "Hi!" to them and everybody else as well.

Personally, I've had a couple major health issues and very busy after that getting back up-to-speed with work. Car-wise, I've had no time for my '71 TR6, so it's been on jackstands for far too long. I'm now determined to get it back on the road this Summer.

When my health intervened, I had removed the transmission for clutch replacement but the pressure plate & driven plate were back-ordered. Now they are on their way so I'll soon be getting my hands dirty once again.

Charlie Smith
EC Smith

Charlie, good to hear

Welcome back.
Doug Baker

Welcome back Charlie
Brett Evans

Funny, TRF is still backordered on the driven plate.


Thanks for the good wishes.
EC Smith

Hope all is well Charlie and glad you are back at it.

Don't understand the back order. Is there something special about the clutch parts you ordered? You may want to check around for alternatives. I think I got my clutch from a regular car parts store locally if I remember correctly.
Michael Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 19/05/2013 and 06/06/2013

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